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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Videos: Alien Abductions Caught

Here's one shot on a cellphone by a boy in Mexico. Capturing two of his friends playing with a ball. When the ball is kicked too far the boy goes to get it and an entity/alien(?) reaches out with a very long arm and taps him on the shoulder. I don't think this is faked. They seem genuinely terrified. Some believe aliens to be an interdimensional being.* Sometimes I think so. Why not? They seem to go to and fro so easily and suddenly, like they just "come out of nowhere."

And this one is very scary to me. I don't know what to say about it except that. So just watch.

* Remember the former Area 51 worker that called in frantically to Coast to Coast AM. He claimed this too, that the aliens are interdimensional beings. The signal suddenly got cut as he spoke and Coast to Coast was knocked off the airwaves for a little while. Very suspicious (interference). To hear this call, watch this video:

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Whitley Streiber on C2C January 3 (Thursday)

January 3rd, Thursday show should be very interesting:

Whitley Strieber -Alien Encounters- unknowncountry Host: Art Bell
Author and expert on alien abduction Whitley Strieber will discuss his latest personal close encounter as well as his insights on drones and interdimensional travel. Host: Art Bell

George will be coming back on January 7th (Monday.) Come back, George! (He's my favorite host.)

"Unraveling the Mystery of Alien Abductions" on Discovery Channel

my rating: (**) 2/5 stars

comments: At first I was enjoying the show, and then it became clear that it was very one sided. Here are the two sides: (1) Alien abductions are authentic. (2) Alien abductions are just sleep paralysis experiences interpreted as abductions.

The show devoted most of its time and energy to the second possibility. It even made the abductions look like sci-fi horror movies to the point where it could make the topic of aliens and abductions very laughable. It made me very upset. They made the aliens look like science fiction monsters, which make it even more unbelievable. I think there was an agenda behind this show. It was very unbalanced.

The show should have just been called "The Mystery of Sleep Paralysis" because it was more about sleep paralysis and its history that alien abductions. It really was more about the science of sleep. After the first 10-15 minutes of the one hour show, there was barely a solid mention of alien abductions. They discussed ghosts and demons, though.

The show featured Budd Hopkins [link], Dr. David M. Jacobs [link] and other well-known authors and researchers/scientists. I agreed with what Budd Hopkins said about sleep paralysis. People who are afraid and confused by the experience cling on to the idea that it's a sleep paralysis ( as someone so confidently tells them it is) because it seems to be more plausible in this so called "real-world" than an alien abductions.

In the final seven minutes of the show they talk about the aspects on alien abductions that cannot be explained by sleep paralysis. These are far more powerful than the arguments for sleep paralysis.

This could have been a lot better.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Predictions for 2008 on Coast to Coast AM

Unfortunately, I missed both 2008 prediction shows on Coast to Coast this week but here are the links to the recaps:

Part 1
Part 2

My take on some of the predictions:
(from Part 1)
"There will be a lot more school shootings."
Yes, I think as the years go by these school shootings will increase. It seems to be so from my observations. Even if not in number of incidences, I'd think, in number of casualties. I wouldn't be surprised if there was one this year that's even worse than the VT shootings.

"And for the first time Art Bell, himself, made a prediction--
Al Gore will jump into the race at the last moment in hopes of being drafted."
This also wouldn't surprise me. I think in this race a lot of things will happen. And I am hoping, not predicting, but hoping that Ralph Nader will run. That would make things very interesting.

(from Part 2)
"Lightning will become sentient and attack people."
Lightening has hit people since, probably, the beginning of time. But attacking people? I don't know about this one. We'd have to have a lot of people getting stuck by lightening for me to believe that lightening has become sentient... and even then, I'd have my reservations!

"Frequent C2C caller "JC" will be exposed as a government agent."
That would be very interesting! I'm sure the government is listening in to Coast to Coast AM (nothing's stopping them!) And it's such an open-minded show with so many people tuned in and calling in with new ideas and theories. Is it a threat? Yes, in a very good way! (Good for citizens, that is!)

"Mothman incidents will return to PA area, starting on July 4th."
I've been predicting that Mothman will be showing up again also. I don't think the Mothman is a turkey vulture or whatever trite the naysayers have been calling it. I've been thinking the Mothman will be showing up in Tennessee. I've been keeping an eye out for some months now. But that bridge collapse a few months ago made me think of the Mothman. I wonder if there have been any sightings in that area around the time of the bridge collapse?

"Dan in San Francisco foresees Osama Bin Laden calling for an end to the jihad and uniting the world's religions."
I'm thinking this will end up on next years "misses" list. I don't think this will happen.