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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Alien Captured in Mexico? (UPDATE!)

**UPDATE (written 3/2/13)** ((Can't believe it's been FOUR years since I posted this!)) 
I recently saw an episode of Chasing UFOs, which you can easily find the full episodes on youtube, and saw that it featured this mystery creature.
Jaime of course was of no help. Funny, how he had this carcass covered in a white cloth and lying in a glass case, when before he was so inclined to snatch it out of a scientist's gloved hand... bare handed. Yes, clearly he knows what he's doing. (Do let the sarcasm soak in..)
What was the team's conclusion? This poor creature was once a Marmoset monkey before being dunked into a vat of acid, if I recall correctly, and turned into an alien creature. And here is a screen cap for those interested. Seems to make sense to me.

I only hope Joshua P. Warren doesn't get dragged through the mud for his minimal involvement. I do so enjoy his work and hearing him on the radio.
You can continue on to the original article below, but I think we can conclude that this is a terrestrial animal of some king... and I'm fine with calling it a marmoset and moving on...

Joshua P. Warren was on C2C, on March 1st, and discussed an incident of a strange alien-like creature, I believe he said somewhere in Mexico, that was captured. It had a reptilian-like scale and stood under a foot tall. Jaime Maussan, a Mexican journalist, has pictures of this thing and I think he mentioned a video of it before it was killed. A rancher captured this creature and made a few failed attempts at drowning it. He then left it in water overnight and that did the job. This rancher was supposedly burned to death in his car a few days later but Joshua Warren said he had no way of checking this out.

It could also be a very well done hoax.

This video is in Spanish so I only caught words here and there and can't tell you what was being said (if anyone could translate, please do!) The creature is shown at many different angles. To me it looks like some sort of a goblin, less alien-like. What do you think?

Please contact me, or comment to this post if you have any more information on this story.
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Joshua P. Warren's Books:

How to Hunt Ghosts : A Practical Guide The Secret Wisdom of KukulkanHaunted Asheville


  1. From what i can tell from the video, one guy says that they found that thing call mummified like that already. Seems to contradict the drowning statement.
    Also, as an anthropologist, it seems that the "creature" is something like a primate. it has the foreword facing nostrils of a new world monkey and the arms show signs that it has some limited form of brachiation.
    Of course, I'm not totally closed off to the notion of an alien.

    One other thing, the guy that got burned isn't even mentioned in the film. strange.

  2. Arev thank you for the information. That's really helpful.

    You're right. Their story about finding it in that condition does not fit with what I was hearing on the radio, that the rancher actually had to drown it.

    The only explanations I can think of for them not mentioning the rancher that was killed in the fire is
    (1) this was filmed before it happened (if it DID happen) or
    (2) the part about the rancher dying in a fire was an untrue rumour or
    (3) this whole thing is a hoax.

    But you're right, this creature does look like a tiny monkey. I couldn't help but notice the pointy ears. It looks real, as in I don't think anyone took the time to create this by hand. There's so much detail in it.

  3. Im a huge believer of what is obviously a no contest to alien life. It's just to ignorant to think that we are the only ones, preposterous. But even with a very good understanding of the topic. Does it ever dawn on renowned Mausson to get DNA data as well as just covering the topic. Its always just so easy to make something into nonsense. Come on guys. And to any person I'm sure on closer analyzation that this creature is of earth origin, with a make-up of a small mammal. I really doubt this so called alien has teeth like that or canium capacity, no wonder it was caught. Come on don't skepticize an obvious real agenda with patty cake videos and bs reporting. Your making it into a joke when it is nothing of the sort.

  4. Yes, this does appear to be of earthly origins (primate) like the previous commenter (an anthropologist) said.
    But I'm not sure what you mean about turning it into a joke. I'm not turning it into a joke. As for the video, I can't comment because I really have no idea what is being said. I posted it so people could get a look at this creature.
    Thanks for your comment.

  5. It actually looks like either a starved and burned Reeses monkey or a monkey in the same family that was either starved, burned or both... it has a tail.

    I betcha DNA will confirm it... it's the right size too.

  6. Yeah. I've yet to hear any mention of DNA testing, and you're right that should be something that would give us some sort of answer as to what direction to take this investigation into.
    And if it IS a Reeses monkey, there's proof that you're the first to say so (here!)
    Guess we'll have to wait and see. I will update when I find any more new info on this.
    I e-mailed Mr. Warren and he told me that he was waiting for permission to show some photos/video on his website.
    I am very curious about this mysterious rancher who was supposedly burned up in his car after supposedly killing this creature. It' just difficult for me to search around for info with this language barrier. (Haven't used Spanish since high school.)

  7. Looks like a dessicated monkey carcass.

    Re: DNA -- If it has DNA it's not alien. Evolution is a pretty random process. Here on Earth, a fortunate accident led to that particular combination and it worked well. There's no reason life elsewhere would use the same means of reproduction.

  8. its just a young chup, duhhhh

  9. It's a dessicated money fetus.

  10. Was this a genetic experiment gone bad?

  11. This is great. This is just what legit ufo research needs. I'm disgusted. And I am not a fan of this Mausaun guy either. He sees some balloons floating around the sky and he thinks he's found ET. He's refered to as a "ufo researcher". As far as I can tell, he's just a host of a tv show about ufos and spends his time looking at videos that people send him and believes anything and everything he sees. (Or does he?)The whole story is just a generic "georgia bigfoot" story.

  12. Gentlemen, this is a Stoor; a small, sentient hominid originating along the river Anduin (now called Donau or Danube). Stoors prefer dugout homes along fishable riverbanks, and are known for using small boats or coracles when seeking fish.

    My only question is how this specimen arrived in Mexico.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Possible monkey. Seemed to have sprung a trap. If you look closely, its arm was caught and therefore starved to death.

  15. First look it did look a little alien, but as it was rotated, it really does look like a small monkey. Another thing is the crystallized appearance to the subject. Almost like it was formed from a plastic or something

  16. Looks like a mummified monkey to me. And as others have mentioned, doesn't fit the scenario given over C2C, most notably the bizarre murder of the rancher.

  17. How horribly cruel! I'm glad that rancher fried alive for what he did. He deserved to die!

  18. I believe it's spelled Rhesus...

  19. El Crappo! I'm a believer in many things, but not this! Perhaps if I understood Spanish, things would be different!

  20. Actually what they said was that he heard a noise of something moving in one of the rat traps, when they looked they noticed that it wasn't a rat, they call the vet, he thinking that it was a rodent dipped the creature in an acid to get the skin off, that's when he noticed that the animals' features were different and almost humanoid, he also determined by it's teeth that it was carnivorous and not a rodent. Another of the guys said that he had seen one walking outside , also the next day after the capture he found one of his falcons with half it's body eaten so he set up a trap with the other half of the body, the next day the only thing left was the feet, the strange thing is that the trap is designed to let animals in and not out, some how the creature was smart enough to get out and they don't know how, And from what I know, monkeys don't eat birds at least none of the ones I know in Latin America, I hope this helps

  21. Key "rhesus monkey skeletons" in Google images and make your own judgement...

  22. Well, there is a lot of strange things going on in this world today, for example check this cat, it might be what they caught there
    And don't forget the hairless dogs they were seeing in Texas that everyone claimed it was the chupacabras,

  23. This is nothing more than a young monkey that died!

  24. One thing that is well known is that drug dealers in Mexico are also linked to the exotic animal traffic, so yes this could be a monkey that ran loose into town and since most of this people are not as familiar with this animals they might think that it was alien but then again why would the vet be saying that he doesn't know what it is and yes why don't they do a DNA test?

  25. The vet and his asst were surprised and horrified at finding it. The vet knew it was an intelligent being after setting a trap for it that he uses for rats. The rats don't get out but the being did after getting in for the rest of the bird it had killed and fed on the night before. A man and his friend saw a live one on the street. It appears the dead rancher is a different case of these. This case first came to light in 2008 but happened in May of 2007 at the vet's bird farm in Metepec, Mx., which is northeast of Mexico City.

  26. Its a chupacabra! If it is.

  27. Its a chupacabra. si?

  28. My vote is for a dessicated mineature monkey or fetus. I thought I could see a tail. Or perhaps a model of Golum from Tolkein's Lord of the Rings. Although, monkey's usually have larger incisors and how or why would a fetus, even if it is mini-primate have all those teeth in utero?

  29. It is a small primate. Look at the tail, the nostrals and canine teeth.

  30. i looks like a small monkey not alien at all.

  31. i am a animal care specialist, a monkey for sure.

  32. It's a spider monkey.

    That's it. Nothing but a little spider monkey.

    Alien? he he....

  33. I hope noone is falling for this? someone finds a mummified monkey and somehow it's alien, alrighty then.

  34. The first thing I noticed was where this is all taking place... it looks like one of the many illegal exotic animal dealers in Mexico.

  35. Poor little thing...clearly a little monkey got caught, a long time ago, in a vicious appears dried out...(notice its tail?)
    I hate traps...
    They cause much suffering...and clearly the person(the real gremlin here) set this one forgot about it...

  36. Actually, coast to coast radio has pictures of this prior to it dying. They are going to post them as soon as they get a release from the Mexican Media that owns the film. George has them, and was talking about them earlier tonight.

  37. Looks like the organ grinder man lost his squirrel monkey. It is a squirrel monkey skeleton. Same size, teeth, eye sockets, arms, hands and tail. Even the ears are correct! This is the kind of monkey that wears that funny hat and takes coins for the man with the organ grinder. These monkeys are all over South America too!

    It was caught in that clamp trap and it died. That is all there is to it.

  38. Your exactly right.

  39. Listen guys, just look up squirrel monkey, I think they are from brazil. No big mystery here. These people are lying, I grew up in southern Mexico and seen plenty of monkeys. This kind of monkey doesn't exist there. They are making up this story just to get attention. I can't believe so many people are suckered into these kinds of things. Read the 6th paragraph down where they talk about falcons and how it's the main predator of the squirrel monkey. These things are tiny about the size of your finger.

  40. I do not believe that this is a hoax. I don't think anybody would take the time to actually make this stuff up unless they're getting paid, which I truly doubt. This does not seem like an alien but it does not seem like an animal either. I agree with what Joshua said about the fact that it looked more goblin-like. I think a reason why they didn't mention the rancher getting killed in the fire was because it could be too graphic for the public. Not many people can handle the super-natural or anything along those lines. But of course, I could be wrong. ddlew is probably right.

  41. It is too small. It is not a spider or reeces. It is a squirrel monkey. They are all over south america.

  42. In looking at this poor little creature, I realized his arm was caught in a trap. This is disgusting and these damn things should be outlawed! This poor little thing starved to death because the bastard that set it didn't bother coming back to check it. I wish he and anyone else who uses these cruel things gets caught in one too one day! NO animal should ever be subjected to these midevel cruel devices, except the humans who set them!

  43. It might be a monkey or a hoax...but if it Is a monkey-it has a thumb...go back and check.

  44. The ranch Vet said he thought it was a rat and drowned it in a vat of skinning fluid...Now what Vet would confuse a humaniod creature with a rat???

  45. Mummified monkey, squirrel monkey or some other type. Hard to believe the trap didn't snap the poor thing's arm right off. In fact, that's why it looks like a hoax. That huge trap would have snapped that little tiny monkey's arm right off. He'd have bled to death but he'd probably have been able to get away from the trap. Looks like the carcass was placed there.

  46. My father and I were driving at about 8 pm in Delaware (georgetown on Neptune road outsid the route 30 highway.
    We were not alone.
    A large ball of light flew in front on myslef in our car and 2 cars behind us almost causeing an acccident.
    Then it sat there then TOOK OFF.......we lost radio cell phone and thank god we had an older truck bacause our brakes are not comuterized...but the truck 2 cars back lost brakes....

    we all got out there was no accident that was serious it was fender bender but all we could do was look at each other and had out jaws drop.....

    we just got in our cars and drove off. The next day i got a call from the police asking if I was involved

    We said yes and said it was a deer and not to push the issue....IT WAS NOT THE LOCAL COPS!!

    what was it?? is my main email
    this is a backup emal

    T IN DE I am afraid to say more.....

  47. Looks very similar to a Pygmy Marmoset

    And also:

  48. ho about doing dna test?

    very easy colect samples submit to lab

    and we know exatlcy what that things is

    wasnt that hard to solve that mystery ha?

  49. Hahahahahaha. Any mexican who lives in mexico and has watched 'Mysterios del Tercer Milenio", knows Jaime Mausan is a known...kind of joke. haha. He comes up with all these crazy theories about these 'aliens' in the rural parts of mexico. I dont really know if his "research" and "evidence" can be trusted, but I grew up in my family treating this guy as a joke...sooooo yeah. I would say this is probably a monkey made to look kinda weird...maybe a similar process to the mummies of guanajuato? idk. but yeah...i wouldnt doubt this to be a hoax. :)

  50. Having raised squirrel monkeys, this is a baby squirrel monkey. I don't know about hairless or ears messed up or why the man was killed in a burned out car. Although his handling of the animal might have made some people really angry.

  51. Someone commented that if it has DNA it can't be alien. Why not? DNA is universal among life on earth. Humans, monkeys, fish, trees, flowers, algae, bacteria and viruses all have DNA. In fact, as far as we know, you can't reproduce without DNA. It's what transfers genetic information in biological life. Why wouldn't DNA exist where ever life occurs in the universe? That's like saying if you find water, you must be on Earth.

  52. RonMarino@mail.comMarch 6, 2009 at 3:43 AM

    Whether or not this creature, exhibiting such an unusual physiology, is for real or a total hoax I cannot say. Maybe it is some kind of perplexing unknown anomaly. However, putting this aside I find myself a little too perplexed by inconsistancies with his story in general.

    Firstly, the rancher indicates himself his wonder if perhaps this creature is a real ET or other never before encountered species of unknown origin. He also indicates his deep desire to preserve the creature for future examination.
    I know that if it was me I would go to extreems to try to preserve its life. In addition and most importantly, besides his extreme cruelty with the way he killed it by drowning it. I would not have let this creature out of my sight and yet he states he left it submerged overnight!

    Here's a little icing on the cake. If this creature survived 30 minutes underwater my curiousity of how it could have survived that long without air would have stopped me in my tracts and yet this guy continues in his bent to drown it!

    Something just doesn't add up for me.

    One last thought about his untimely demise in the car fire... Could it be that this creature carried some type of contaigent that needed to be covered up?

  53. Copy and paste this google image link in a new tab

    and compare this picture to the picture at the beginning of the alien video here. Looks like a baby spider money skeleton to me. Notice the similarities. Lets call the so called alien pic1, and the spider monkey photo pic2. In pic1 notice the base of the spine, looks like a wide tail coming out. Compare this to pic2. The same! Pic1 the level of the nostrils to the eyes, same as pic2! The placement of the ear canal in relation to the eyes and mouth in pic1 if you do a dot to dot form a triangle. Same as pic2. The crescent arch in the spine, same! The position of the shoulder blades to the skull and the direction and shape of the arm from the shoulder on, the same again! The straight flat bridge of the nose, same. I'm sure you could draw more comparisons on your own. Come on lets find some real aliens for a change. Lets ask them what they think we should do to survive as the simple, funny, confused, and very primitive creatures that we are. I rule primate (spider monkey or a cousin of. Unfortunately NOT ALIEN! I think a real alien would at first be insulted by being compared to a basic life form and then would laugh at our ignorance. This is why they pity us and have never destroyed us. At best we are just kind of interesting to them like gold fish are to us.

    Shawn Ingle, Believer in the above, Sleepless In Seattle.

    What do you think?

  54. Looks like a bat to me.

    I know george noorey is spending a lot of time on this tonight but I really think it's a bat.

    I am open to it having a place within cryptozoology and being some kind of new unknown creature but there is no way that's an alien.

  55. why would an alien have K9 teeth? obviously a monkey, i cant believe people even entertain this crap before DNA evidence thats why no one takes researchers seriously

  56. My first thought was baby monkey But I remember a story about the lil people of North & South America.Could this be what the legends of lil people sprung from ? They should just DNA test it...

  57. I heard that the money did not drown that it was exposed to stink bombs. I did some reasearch on this method and found several web pages pushing these things. is one that I cehcked into and they do sell this tyoe of thing. I would have never thought something like that could be used to stink bomb something to death. Its terrable. They should shut down that site and others like it.

  58. This is either a straight up hoax,
    or another case of imaginations running wild. This "creature",
    just looks like some species of primate/monkey to me too.
    Poor thing got caught in a rusty
    animal trap? Dang, that's a cruel

  59. garciapelo: Hi. I'm spanish so I understand what they were saying in the video. I believe the user "leorex2012" gives an accurate translation of the video. Read his post.

  60. Inglestilsktin, thanks for the pic link. I used that image in my new post. :)

    Tim in DE, that has nothing to do with this story but I allowed your comment so you can get your story out, since you seem pretty scared/desperate. Maybe someone will contact you. Have you tried contacting MUFON?

    "graciapelo," thanks for corroborating.

    PS: Yes, I would be as upset as any of you if I found out that this was a hoax. Hoaxers steal time, energy and even money. They also destroy credibility to topics such as this. You can further address this issue in the new post.

    Thanks everyone.

  61. Clearly it's a primate, It has pointed canines, Five digits and the most obvious a tail. All the descriptions I've ever heard about Aliens they don't have teeth they have four digits and no tails. It's probably a primate baby or fetus.


  63. No alien here. It's a monkey. Poor animal got caught in a horrible clamp. Do the D N A. Then tell us all what is found.
    Leave the primates alone. The monkey was just hungry. Pendejos!

  64. Very interesting; I wish I understood spanish, but th evideo was still awesome.
    Thanks for the post!

  65. Um. It has a TAIL.

    It was a starved baby monkey.


    Apart from them getting DNA samples, which they were apparently too stupid to get, this video is useless.

    This is coming from someone who really wants to find proof of alien life, by the way.

  66. Baltasar, they DID do DNA testing and said it is not a monkey. That was reported on C2Cam last night.

    Please read the updated material everyone and listen to the program (which had updated material). PS: you need to be a streamlink member to access the full show archives.

  67. A lot of species of primates have fangs. It's a petrified monkey.

    Last night on C2C Jaime Maussan was referred to as credible journalist and UFO investigator, which he is not. Some of the stuff he has shown on his Sunday evening program on Televisa in recent years is just plain bunk, such as a video of a horse spinning around high up in the air over a neighborhood, and a nighttime cell phone video recording of a reptilian-like "alien" jumping out from behind a lamp post on a city street. Pure sensationalist tabloid B.S. to make $$$ and to entertain the gullible.

  68. its a monkey, oh man,

  69. seems to be a hoax story is already changed

  70. I'm having nightmarish flashbacks to the Georgia bigfoot incident.

    But yes, we're hearing all sorts of things it's hard for me to keep things straight. And like I mentions before, a lot of this seems to be getting lost in translation.


    Max Schiaffino(narrator) - At Mr. Mario Moreno Lopez's ranch where they dedicate their life to providing shelter and care for exotic birds, the staff set
    a couple of traps for vermin/rats but they never imagine the surprise that was in store for them. When they suddenly notice the being one of the traps caught.

    "Angel Palacios Nunez"
    "In the afternoon I was working over by the back door and my co-worker was outside. I was inside working when I came out and I heard this rat moving in a trap, since I know he doesn't like rats I grab the trap with the rat and put it on the table. Jokingly I told my co-worker look at what I have for you on the table. So when he walks in he says, oh darn rats! Then he walks away so I just left it in the gutter and told him I killed it. Well in the past we've had hairless rats so he thought as well as I, that it was another one cause it kept covering its face and constantly moving. I was just trying to scare my co-worker with the rat"

    Max Schiaffino(narrator) - The next day the vet takes a look at it.

    Dr. Marco Antonio Salazar (Vet)

    Well when they brought it in they told me it was a weird looking rat, but I noticed it was not a rat. It was a very rare animal, I've seen a lot of animals and
    I don't know what this is. I can see it has carnivorous teeth, so it must consume meat, also rats don't have muscles that big and a brain the size we found inside this creature.

    Max Schiaffino(narrator) - They were in the presence of a strange creature. Until now without correct classification. Eerie is the morphology of its head, ears and the various sizes of its entire body. But the mystery had barely begun.

    Mario Moreno Lopez (Ranch Owner)

    "The day after the incident, one of my employees calls me over so I can take a look at something. When I looked I saw a similar creature but the size of its feet were much bigger. It was definately bigger than the one we caught; I think the one caught in the trap ate a poisoned rat that's why he looks dried up."

    Francisco Garcia (employee)

    "Right there in that opening, first on the left then the one on the right, the creature was trying to fit through but its belly wouldn't let him, so then he walked towards me, that's when I called my boss and told him to bring the camera. Then it took off, he was trying to step out but he wouldn’t he was looking to go outside like he needed to do something, it's a humanoid looking creature like a little man, around 70cm"

    Max Schiaffino(narrator) - In the ranch they have different species of animals and then something occured that scared and frighten every member of the ranch.

    Dr. Marco Antonio Salazar (Vet)

    "I was taking care of an eagle that was donated to me and I had it placed in a high nest. Right after we caught that creature, the next day when I came to check on the eagle it was dead, half-way eaten. My eagle was the size of a big rooster, and it ate rats so it couldn't have been a rat or a cat. So that night I placed its remains in a big rat trap I own. This trap usually captures 4-5 rats a day and to my surprise all the remains were eaten the next day and I had capture nothing. "

    - After looking at the evidence we are still looking for more answers and find ourselves with more questions. Where did it come from, Is it a creature from earth or beyond?
    Reporting for mysteries of the new millennium, - Max Schiaffino

  72. Rico Sanchez, MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!

    Thanks for all that effort, now we know what's being said! :D

  73. It looks to me like he may have caught himself a chupacabra

  74. looks like a rat in a trap! It even has a tail.just a dried out desert rat in a trap. conversation item at best but 100% terestrial.

  75. I have to concur that this is more than likely a small monkey. Would be interesting to know though how it got mummified like this...

  76. Looks like the skeleton of a marmaset.

  77. This is a altered spider monkey, it's decomposition looks as if has been dead for over a year, unlikely since this organism is made of the same every vertabrate is, blood, bone, and tissue. You can see the lie on the face of the first guy they interviewed at the compound. Look again at his smirk, the chubby babyfaced shoulder length curly hair guy. This video is a joke.

  78. I agree that it looks like an earthly primate. Look at the canines, facial shape and tail. If someone did something just for a hoax, shame on them!

  79. The is a fake...cuspid on one side and another tooth on the other side...

  80. Yeah it does look like a monkey or the prop for a bad movie

  81. Dead, dessicated squirrel monkey, no question.

  82. The guys were veterinarians. One of them seemed to think it was a poisoned, strangely mummified rat. They said they had a rat problem and the guy had set up a trap to see what had been eating his birds so he put a dead bird in there and no bones or anything remained, and what got it managed to fit through a tiny rat sized hole.

    I think it is a small monkey. It looked like it had a tail. Biologists always say that there are a ton of undiscovered species out there and maybe this is one!

  83. That is most definitely a Rheses monkey that had suffered from starvation. Pay attention to the structure of the cranium, jaw line, teeth, and front downsloping of the skull. What lengths people will go to get in the "news"! But many people are easily deceived and will believe anything if they really want to believe in something. Obviously, a DNA test will give the final answer, but you know the people who are perpetrating this hoax will conveniently not do that.

  84. Yeah - just a monkey.

    Here a link to a clean skeleton:

  85. This type of trap would of cut this small animals arm clean off.
    This is a foot trap for larger animals, like rabbits.

  86. Yes Mr.Blue, but your URL doesn't work if I click on it. Copy and paste in a browser does the job.

    The article is also on

    It has what Jaime Maussan and Joshua Warren claim to be a picture of it when it was alive.

    For the picture, without copy protection:

    Wonder what they did to the monkey(?) to make it look like that. On second thought, I don't want to know.

    Use Opera if you want to copy text or the picture from the second URL.

  87. Update on the "live" photo:

    The picture on has been removed.
    It is still in the article on You can directly access the picture via

    In case it will be removed there as well, I have posted a copy on Tinypic:

  88. I beleive aliens exist...I don't beleive this thing to be an alien. My problems are (a) it's Joshua Warren (whom is from the town I live in and I have dealt with him numerous times) who has progressively "sold out" and gotten entangled in other hoaxes...most notably bigfoot in Georgia. (b) story behind the findings of the animal have changed. (c) The owner originally claimed he did NOT want any photo/vids released of supposed alien...if you found an alien in your backyard would you really not release info? (d) no mention yet of dna testing.

    The whole thing smells fishy and I won't be surprised when it comes out as a hoax.

  89. Hi Angela, I agree with you that this whole thing seems very fishy. I don't know Warren personally but from all that I can tell, I feel like he is just very trusting and being led on a wild goose chase and being taken advantage of. His reputation and even mine (by covering this) is being possible ruined thanks to Maussan, who I am almsot 100% positive is a scammer.

    Thanks for you input! :)

  90. LOLA, the story seems too fishy even for Joshua P. Warren. After removing the photo, he now removed the story as well, and replaced it with a thin excuse from Jaime Maussan. Both seem to realize that it is untenable. The article is also removed from Ireport. Fortunately I have a URL to a message in a Dutch Usenet group, containing the story in English:

    The photo that was embedded in the page on Ireport is still available:
    A copy is on tinypic, see my earlier posting on this page (anonymous)

    It looks like the hoax is rapidly fading away. My guess is we never will se the report of the scientific research on the "creature". For those who want to see what mr. Warren has replaced the article with:
    The "Are you broke" ad there is rather revealing his trustworthiness.

  91. Yes, thank you Vliegen. I posted this on the blog yesterday. And I agree with you about the "Are you Broke" ad. But I guess sometimes you can't have complete control over the ads you show (like how I use google adsense, and sometimes ridiculous ads pop up... and I'm embarrassed.)
    But those aren't google ads so I guess it is a little bizarre.

    Thanks again for the link. (Proving you can't really erase anything off the net!)

  92. Yes LOLA, I read your yesterday post. I just don't think that Warren has been mislead or taken advantage of. But then again, maybe he is as gullible as that. Anyway, he used Maussan's story for his own benifit from the start. The ads were there all along. And they are his own ads! There's actually no point in making Warren good and Maussan bad, or the other way around, nor neither of them bad, nor both. What goes on in people's minds is beyond perception. Let's just stick to trustworthiness, and assess it with both gut feeling and rationality. I read a comment on your blog expressing the opinion that the first man interviewed at the ranch was untrustworthy (or similar terms). Watching again, I agree on that. He seems to laugh at the reporter almost openly. The article states that the rancher is wealthy, so there is no motive for a hoax. But then, wealthy people want to have fun too, as do their employees (perhaps not so wealthy). See what I am getting at? Arguments in the article stressing the trustworthiness are very faint. But let me stop here, most of the work has been done by others.

  93. Looks like someone has been lying in the original story:
    Btw, the story, with the photo is still at:

  94. This was just on "Monster Quest" on the History Channel. They did a DNA scan and it came back that it was unidentified with any terrestrial species. They took MRIs of it, and nobody can figure it out!

    Everybody seems just a little too anxious to dismiss this as a hoax, yet when the science is done, it can't be traced to this world!

    I don't know for sure, but this might be the real thing!

  95. For those who say it's a monkey, you're obviously just skeptics making up excuses. It looks nothing like a freakin' monkey. The thing has sharp teeth. Monkey's teeth are kinda sharp, but nothin glike this.

    For whoever said, "does it ever dawn on people to get a DNA test?" Um, they already did. They PROVED, it doesn't match any known specie of animal or primate on earth. There you go.

    So, it's not a monkey. People just need to quit jumping to fuckin' conclusions all the fuckin' time! Give it a chance.

  96. Best thing to do is wait for theworld press conference announced in the original story. I'm sure Dr. Jose Antonio Lorente will be there to clarify his findings.

    original story by Joshua P. Warren

    "Now, the creature has been sent to Spain, undergoing the best DNA analysis in the world by one of the field's top experts, Dr. Jose Antonio Lorente of the University of Granada. As soon as the results are finalized, and all facts are compiled, there will be a world press conference in Spain, Mexico, or both, to unveil all the findings for the full scrutiny of the scientific community. "

    I suppose "the full scrutiny of the scientific community" means more than just a History Channel documentary with flying witches in it.

  97. Actually, it looks to me like a small new born lemur. Then again, I do not think this small "creature" has a tail. Really makes you think...

  98. @x33eugeniie Actually I'm pretty sure it does have a tail. If you look to the newer posts on this topic there is a new video showing the creature in more detail. Also I posted the full episode of Monsterquest featuring this creature. You wont believe how TINY it is!

  99. This event appeared yesterday on

    They say the body is gone for tests at some

    For how long do they need to do tests to find
    out the DNA so they can match species?

    I think it looks like a monkey skeleton but still
    I believe there might be a chance of being an
    alien that looks like a monkey as well as a monkey
    looking like an alien.

    Until serious DNA testing , everything is possible.

  100. Yes Alek, everything is possible. But not everything is equally likely, not even remotely. I don't suppose when you see your pet, your child or your wife, you seriously think they might in fact be aliens, until serious DNA testing. So why take a different position with a creature that looks so much like a monkey? If it hadn't been *suggested* to be an alien, would you also state that "everything is possible"?

    So far, the only assertions about the DNA have come from people like Maussan, Warren, the sensationalists of Monster Quest, and Bild. Neither of those can be called reliable sources. And I'm still waiting for the earlier announced "world press conference in Spain, Mexico, or both, to unveil all the findings for the full scrutiny of the scientific community"

    Instead of this, I read about a car accident that killed the man who drowned the monkey... eh, creature, which is strongly believed by some of the so called researchers not to have been an accident. Arguments like that, along with the lack of verifiable data, are usually strong hoax indicators.

  101. This may have already been mentioned, but just in case. Small primate, but looks like it has been skinned and put back in trap. Large eye sockets, may mean nocturnal. Just my thought.

  102. Check out this skull of a marmoset to the dried version in the video. marmosets are found in South America.

  103. No i am not obsessed with this monkey picture, I am just very curious. here are a few more marmoset skeleton and skull photos to ponder. I will stop after this one.

    In this picture on left is marmoset vs howler monkey.

  104. Hi Bruce, thanks for the comments.

    How would you explain the fact that labs in different countries were unable to match this creatures DNA with any known animal?

    Do you think that Maussan is lying about that "fact"? Because if it was a marmoset, they'd have DNA to match it up with and we would have found out by now, I think. (Please read my update post on this topic. I wrote it today. I layout what Maussan said on Coast last night.)

  105. Urso Moreno Ruiz aka Angel Palacios Nunez
    appears as witness in this YouTube video:

    Urso is a taxidermist who declared in a reptile
    blog that he sunk a monkey in salted water mixed
    with other animal residuals to change any DNA
    results so that means the fraud was fabricated
    since 2008.

    The "Alien Baby" promoted by Jaime Maussan
    is exposed and confirmed as a fraud or hoax

    Translate this page to english:

    Cap. Franz

  106. Thanx Cap. Franz.
    Am I surprised? Yes and no. Yes because the findings are so blatant in revealing the hoax, and because of the long silence. No because of the many signs of a hoax already obvious and signaled by many others. Among which a man who approached the originally alledged researcher in Granada, who appeared to be unaware of anything, some experts on monkeys, and a taxidermist. But also because the very same man who now let go all secrecy, is the same man who struck me in the original filmed report (at the time presented as a worker on the farm) struck me by his attitude. He was almost openly laughing at the reporter and his crew. This now turns out to be completely in line with his unwillingness to keep up his mask. And yes, once again Jaime Maussan is exposed as either a very gullible nitwit, a deliberate supporter of hoaxes for the profit of it, or somthing in between. If you have an opinion on these alternatives, or another alternative explanation, please post it in a reply, or mail it to me.

    Wish I did speak Spanish, and didn't have to rely on that monstrous Google translation service. It takes away much of the precision in the linked info.

    Again, thanks for all the information.

  107. There are plenty of English versions of the scientific work done on this specimin like this These are scientists and also believed the specimin was a small skinned monkey at first but researched proved it not to be so. Ive tried to find the DNA results but apparently it didnt have DNA so no DNA results are forthcoming. Also the creature which i personally dont believe to be alien but maybe very old and the DNA lost in the mumification process if thats possible. The accounts of its discovery vary too much but its obvious from the early photos that something happened between its discovery and the scientists receiving it.

  108. Michael, you wrote: "There are plenty of English versions of the scientific work done on this specimin like this"

    Well yes there is. But none of that is well documented, as far as I know. And it is from a rather doubtful source as well. For example, the clip you posted is from a Monster Quest broadcast. It was posted on Youtube before the prankster, Angel Palacios Nunez, came forward and told how it was done. The assertion that the monkey has no DNA was never stated as such. It just wasn't of any use, thanks to the special treatment mr. Nunez admitted having given (please read his post). Scientists are not very often aware of the possibility that they are deliberately fooled.

  109. Hello Flywatch, you wrote: -The assertion that the monkey has no DNA was never stated as such.-
    Well, Maussán made some bussines with a Japanese TV and he gave them the MEXIGEN forensic laboratory results.

    In the following links from a YouTube video

    you can see the writing in spanish and translated means they found NO DNA (absence) in the Metepec creature (specimen).


  110. Correction to my previous comment:

    " Nunez admitted having given (please read his post)...."

    Should be: please read Cap Alejandro Franz's post on Nunez.

  111. Yes I read the post with Nunez giving an account of how he dipped the creature in Acid containing various anmimal DNAs. But this doesnt explain how several scientists could stake there reputations on the findings they stated. If Nunez account was true shouldnt it have become blatently obvious once the animal came under scientific scrutiny. Either the scientists where in on it or the Nunez account is untrue. This kind of research doesnt come cheap and stating things like the animal had reptilian teeth without roots unlike primates seems really odd coming from a scientist. The whole thing probably was an hoax but nunez wasnt the only hoaxer here.

  112. Hello, Michael. Maussán paid for all the laboratory research and tests. You can see in the videos there was no professional procedure as the "alien" was handled in many ridiculous ways. It was taken out from a glass and bronze "hand craft jewelry box" made in Mexico. You can see they use sterilized hand globes after the "alien" was handled by many, many hands before and was contaminated. That is the way Maussán works, he hires the laboratories he wants. Maybe you remember the Alvin Texas UFO recorded by Mauricio Ruíz. In that occasion Maussán hired the laboratories from UNAM (Mexican National Autonomous University) and he twisted the results, he assured the UFO was real while the UNAM results where about a magnetic disturbance in the video which can be done by putting a magnet closer to a vide recorder and I have proof of that. Maussan always hires paying with his money all the investigators, laboratories, specialists to have his pre planned results. All this case was premeditated. Maussan knew Urso Moreno well before the case started to be public. Mario Moreno. uncle of Urso lied, all the witnesses lied. Just visit my page and READ to see how Mario Moreno, the ranch owner, was a peculiar corrupt person who has a very dark past as being the UNION leader of more than 500 taxi drivers who used to perpetrate frauds paying money to the authorities to let him work his taxis and worst he was FRIEND of Maussan since their childhood. Period. Open you eyes.

  113. Hi Capfranz
    Ive never said the creature was an alien or even supposed the idea, I thought at most it was an unknown species. I could see all the inconsistances but couldnt understand scientists staking there reputations on there findings. you obviously know these people better than I do, are you saying the people in the video i posted where not scientists at all but friendss of Michael Maussan because if they are scientists there certainly not anymore. I cant see how opening my eyes any more will accomplish anything I'm not questioning the creature has a hoax but the scientists. Seeing has you obviously know more about this than I do watch the video I posted and tell me who these guys are? Because thats the only thing puzzling me, also leave me a link to your page so i can understand this better. There all strangers to me and every question Ive asked has been valid. If the thing was an alien it would have had artificial appendages and clothing of sorts not running around naked. To me it was a curiosity and still is really untill i'm in full possesion of the facts. Dont think i'm gullable just because I ask questions. Has the creature been identified as to what species it is? Is all the information given by these fake scientists just roleplay? I mean the stuff related to its brain size and mode of movement, size of feet a its teeth? Also i cant find any real scientists discrediting the information given which also puzzled me. Maybe you can point me to this information so I can understand how this hoax was perpetuated the way it has been.

  114. My post was directed to you Michael, Maussán's name is Jaime. It was a role-play for sure. I am sorry you don't speak spanish, it is very important to read this translated page but has some pictures that can't be translated unless you go to the links and translate by yourself.

    Example about Mario Moreno's dirty past;


    Has the creature been identified as to what species it is? NO

    Is all the information given by these fake scientists just roleplay? YES

    I mean the stuff related to its brain size and mode of movement, size of feet a its teeth?

    Any primate (ape) has 99% similarity to humans.

    Read this articles:
    The Ape-Human Connection

    Watch this video:


  115. The point is mute, I checked the people out myself and there wasnt a scientist in the room. None who can be identified has a scientist anyway, there was the head of the some imaging center in Mexico. Has for pointing out the simularities between men and apes, none of what was said in the video corrosponds with any ape so the link you posted is also invalid. 1% DNA difference with an extra chromazone makes one hell of a difference in nature a mouse has 90% similar dna to a human. It seems we will never know what the animal was only that it was faked. Its a little annoying really because this is what perpetuates the myth. I would have loved to see someone with real credentials pull these people to pieces but I suppose they dont have the time to waste.

  116. Cap. Franz, I looked at your URL's. Failed to understand why you posted two creationist sites, and a third one showing dr. Ken Miller who explains a scientific finding, that undermines the views presented in the other two (because it is powerful evidence in favor of common descent). Anyhow, this discussion is not about creation versus evolution. Also dr. Miller describes three relationship between humans and the great apes, not monkeys. Monkeys have different numbers of chromosomes. If this was indeed a Marmoset, it would have had 23 pairs before the DNA was sabotaged. One could speculate that a marmoset was deliberately chosen for its number of chromosomes, being the same as humans, and then they accidentally damaged it too much. But I would find that too much honour for the pranksters.

  117. This comment has been removed by the author.

  118. To ♥Piper♥ -- They didn't recorded the monkey because it will show that it was a monkey. The hoaxers decide to take the best pictures (shots) that could be taken as to make it appear as an ALIEN. Of course it stinks but at the same time it shows there was something previously programed. Any baby monkey after a tanning or conservation process obviously will show a deformed body but worst, they used on purpose different animal body residuals to change the DNA. Believe me, it was a programed hoax. Maussan was friend of Mario Moreno (ranch owner) since their childhood.

  119. Yes, I think it's safe to saw now after all these months of coverage and discussion that this was a hoax brought to us by none other than Maussan, professional scammer.
    He should be publicly humiliated and fined! This is why I've been saying there should be a law against these kinds of large scale hoax (when other people's time and money are involved.) Remember the "big foot" body? The guy lost his job. That'll show him.

  120. This comment has been removed by the author.

  121. To -♥Piper♥-,Are you aware about how many chickens, cows, pork's are killed every day?

    More than 2 BILLIONS daily.

    Do you care more about killing an animal than humans being robbed by scammers and many hoaxers who stole money from people?

    Every day you seat an egg you are eating a failed unborn chicken, an ovule.

    If you eat meat then you are eating part of an animal that was killed same or worst as the "alien baby".


  122. WOW this post seems to have gone seriously off topic. Being carnivorous animals ourselves eating meat is a personal choice the body contains specific digestive capabilities for its consumption, the closely related branch of hominids that diversed to a vegetarian diet died out. Its believed that eating meat was a major influence in the growth of the Homo sapien brain. So if we add stuck to nuts and berries we wouldnt even be having this discussion. If they had survived they would have been very distinguishable by there massive back jaw with huge grinding teeth and maybe end up on a Mausson documentry.

  123. Michael, I agree. Thanks for that.

    @capfranz, seriously, drop the PETA rant.

    Yes, everyone, let's stay on topic.



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