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Friday, March 27, 2009

Jim Sparks w/ many videos + New Group for Abductees

I must admit that I haven't read Jim Spark's The Keepers but I finally did order it on Amazon yesterday.

Check out the videos below to get to know what Jim Sparks is all about.

(video) Jim Sparks - The Keepers (Steps to be taken for Humans to Evolve)
Synopsis: "2008 International UFO Congress presentation. Jim Sparks will explore the significant changes that have taken place in the most recent years of his 20 year interactions with non-human intelligent beings. According to The Keepers, “this isn’t the first time humans have gotten to this critical point and have self destructed in our lost and forgotten history. There is a good chance we can evolve this time.” Jim will out line the steps necessary as advised by “The Keepers” and will discuss ways in which the human species can evolve and join the galactic neighborhood. Raised in Florida, Jim studied real estate and later founded J & J Properties, a natural land development company. Sparks was happily married and financially successful when, at age 34, his experiences with other-worldly beings started. Life as he knew it began to unravel with these unexplained incidents. Now, 20 years later, Sparks has moved from resister to cooperator and is sharing his experiences with others. Jim Sparks has conscious awareness of his abductions, giving him clear memories of alien technology, and what they say their purposes are— offering us new insights into this amazing phenomenon. Jim Sparks is author of The Keepers and produced “The Visitor Phenomenon”. He lives in the Nevada desert and works as a debt consultant"

(audio) December 9, 2006: Art Bell Interviews Jim Sparks on Coast to Coast AM
Synopsis: "This 2 1/2 hour interview with Jim Sparks details his eighteen years as an alien abductee / experiencer. Sparks, whose conscious recall experiences are documented in his book, THE KEEPERS, explained that he initially resisted being abducted, but gradually shifted into a mode of cooperation. He had experiences with two types of Grays; one type he referred to as "true" Grays that were biological beings. The other type of Gray, a shorter entity known as a "worker," was half-robotic, he said. Interestingly, Sparks claimed that the aliens' harvesting of human reproductive material is used to make the worker Grays. One of the key messages they shared with him: humanity is killing the Earth via environmental damage, that we must change our ways if future generations are to survive on a planet worth living on. Sparks said he's also had encounters with "Reptilians," some of whom are 9-10 ft. tall, with red pupils and a oversized brain, housed in a skull that hangs out over their eyes"

(video) Project Camelot interviews Jim Sparks

Synopsis: "Jim Sparks and The Keepers A video interview with Jim Sparks Las Vegas, June 2007 Jim Sparks has become well-known as one of the few multiple abductees who has, in his own words, 95% recall of all his experiences. Having been abducted many hundreds of times, at first he rebelled and totally refused to co-operate with the aliens who would repeatedly take him to their craft at night. He attributes his very complete memories of his experiences to his rage, and outrage, about the continued violations. As the years passed, and Jim and his captors battled with one another, Jim gradually seemed to become trusted by the aliens - who he calls 'The Keepers' - to assist them in increasingly significant ways. In turn, Jim feels he understands better now what their agenda and modus operandi might be. The story he tells on camera is spellbinding... and culminates in a message which we might ignore at our peril: that the Earth is in danger, and that while there may be a new dawn ahead of the human race, there might be some difficult times ahead before we get there. To contact Bill Ryan or Kerry Cassidy, please e-mail us at"

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Review: Larry King Live segment on Smiley Face Killer(s) + No Longer Seeking Guest Writers

I was quite disappointed with the Larry King segment on the Smiley Face Killers. I was led to believe that the whole show would be devoted to the topic, but really only about half the show (30 minutes) was dedicated to the story.
It could have been much better. I'm not sure why Kristi Piehl wasn't on the discussion panel.

One thing I can't get over is the fact that the FBI seems so intent on calling these all accidents when the evidence point to a group of people, very organized, that are behind this.

* * *
GUEST WRITERS: Also, I am no longer looking for guest writers. I've gotten a few responses but none of them were interested in writing about the topics I specifically asked for. So I guess people aren't reading carefully what I am asking for, so I thought: forget it. I've got it under control for now and it will just make things complicated trying to work with people who don't understand what you are asking for or people who don't take the time to read directions. Maybe it's my fault. Maybe I didn't make myself clear. Who knows? Well, I just wanted to let everyone know: I AM NO LONGER SEEKING GUEST WRITERS!

(video) James Bartley - UFOs, MILABS, & Reptilian Concept of Human Ownership

This lecture is really interesting. Despite what the title says, he gets to the end of the lecture without having covered MILABS but during Q&As he goes over it a little bit.

Synopsis: "James Bartley, associate of Eve Lorgen, Barbara Bartholic and the late Dr. Karla Turner, discusses the reptilian aspects of UFO and military abductions. Specific subject areas covered include astral operatives, reptilian mindset, sexual assaults and manipulation of abductees, and more"

Smiley Face Killers on Larry King

Tonight, the Larry King Live show will be doing a special on the Smiley Face Killer(s).
You can e-mail any questions you may have to the show. I tried clicking the e-mail form but got a "Bad Gateway" error message. Maybe I will try later.

What questions do you have to ask about the Smiley Face Killer(s)?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Smiley Face Update on Good Morning America

A segment was aired this morning on Good Morning America about the Smiley Face Killings. I've embedded the video.

The Hypocritcal Side of Alex Jones

Most of you know, if you've been reading through my blog, that I am a fan of Alex Jones. I think the work he does is great. I can't think of anyone else who goes to the extremes he does. But something I have noticed over the many months of watching his documentaries and listening to his podcast/radio show is that he is very elitist when it comes to "conspiracy theorists." His attitude is clear: If you don't investigate the areas I investigate, you're "a crazy."
Yes, he has made derogatory statements against UFO (and alien abduction) researchers and even cryptozoologists. Listen to his radio broadcast from March 17, 2009 for just one example.
He can complain about people calling him all sorts of names and yet he resorts to the same childishness when it comes to well-established and well-respected professionals in the UFO and cryptozoological fields. Who does he think he is? Is he special or something? Does he have special rules that only apply to him?
He said that these people can't call themselves REAL conspiracy theorists and that they are only involved in "science fiction." Give me a break! Apply the logic he uses against people who call what he does fiction to what he is doing to the rest of the conspiracy community. It is completely hypocritical.

Does any of what I say matter to him? Doubtful. I don't think he cares for constructive criticism from people who watch his films and listen to his show. I hope I am wrong about that but that's jut what I am picking up from what I hear. He responds well to positive comments, as we all would, but he explodes when anything negative is said, even if it isn't said with animosity (like my post here.) I am giving constructive criticism as we should all do.

My advice for Alex Jones is to stop belittling the rest of the conspiracy theorist community and stop acting like an elitist. It works against you to alienate us. We are on the same side. So what if we aren't all investigating the NWO directly? Seems like you've got it covered for the most part. And a lot of what the rest of us are investigating DO tie into the NWO. But you seem too angry and stubborn to realize that.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Charles Manson + Putin Stalking President Reagan

Here's the new Charles Manson, 74-years-old, gray hair and what I thought was a sad, pained look on his face. I wasn't the only person who saw this. I read an article online talking about the pained look in his face. But then a lady who CLAIMED to have been Charles Manson's nurse in prison, that he is not a sad man and that he is not sorry for what he has done. Well, I'm sure that's true. And she also claimed that Manson would tell everyone constantly that there are so many bodies out there in the desert that they wouldn't believe. I know this is so. Manson has told others and it's been public knowledge now. There was a full show (I think it was Dateline) about digging around in the desert for skeletons. I saw this show. They found nothing, conditions weren't right, etc. It was a disappointment for the team out there.

My point about all this is this: how do we know this caller was the real deal? How do they verify who she claims to be in such a short amount of time? I'm just saying, everything she said was pretty much public knowledge and even I could call in and trick Ian or George into believing that I was taking care of Charles Manson for 17 years.

Ian said that perhaps he will do a whole show devoted to people who have had run-ins or strange stories around Manson. I would love if he did that. It would be interested to hear. But they'd have to work hard to verify that the callers are who they claim to be and only the listeners can come to the conclusion as to the truth or falsity of what it being said (as always.)

Here's a prison mug shot from 2006:
* * * * *
Putin the Tourist Meets President Reagan

See that blonde man with the camera standing behind the little boy? That's Vladimir Putin, according to Obama's official photographer. I think it is too. Look carefully at the face. This photo was taken in Red Square (Russia.)