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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another Smiley Face Killer Incident with Witnesses?

...and a cop possibly involved? This is becoming very scary. Read the following (in full) from Kristi Piehl's fantastic site

“I am very shaken right now and need to share what just happened to me.” That was the first sentence in a lengthy email sent to me over Father’s Day weekend.

The woman and her boyfried were walking their dog on the wooded paths around Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota. On a hot summer evening, Lake Minnetonka is teeming with people walking, running, boating and drinking. It was late and the woman was near several hot party spots. “Just then,” she says, “a dark blue big van pulled up on the road and stopped. The man driving had the lights on in the van and he seemed to be typing or searching on a police like radio. My boyfriend and I were scared so we began to run up the path. A young man between the ages of 21-28 came walking past us. He was alone and looked a little afraid. We continued to walk down the path and about one minute later the boy came running from behind us. He stopped when he got to us. I asked him if he was okay. He said that he wasn’t okay and that he was afraid. He said it was a terrible night and that he couldn’t even begin to talk about it. He said that he was sorry because he was messed up. He didn’t seem messed up though to us.”

The young man walked away from the water and towards the street. The woman and her boyfriend searched for the young man, but couldn’t find him. They got in their car to drive home and spotted a police cruiser. She says that they flashed their lights at the car, but the officer didn’t pull over. Instead, the cruiser sped away from the busy area and into a more deserted neighborhood. The woman and her boyfriend turned away and called police. She says the dispatcher took her information.

The woman says, “I am scared. I know that the boy was running away from the van. It is like the van knew that he would be walking down the path and was waiting for him. We tried to alert a cop and he speed away from us. Whoever was in the van must have been in contact with people at the bar and in the area and I know it sounds crazy but a cop too… I am afraid for the safety of the boy. I wish I would have told him to come with me but he looked terrified and he could have been dangerous. Please get this information to the investigators or whoever you think would benefit from it.”

To verify the details, I asked the woman to get her police report or a record of her call to police. She says the police department does not have any record of report. The woman’s phone has a record of the call and the duration of it.

The woman is now on a mission to spread the story of SFK and is encouraging people to read about it and take precautions.

So are the smiley face killers a cop and a man in a blue van working together? If so, this might explain why officials aren't rally doing much and are so quick to label these drownings "accidental."

I wonder if this couple got a good look at the man in the van or the police officer.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Did the Smiley Face Killers Finally Screw Up?

A St. Louis man survived after being thrown off the Poplar Street Bridge this weekend. The 28-year-old told police he left a nearby Illinois bar around 7 p.m. Saturday with two men he just met. The men had allegedly been drinking when they stopped the car and tossed him off the bridge.

Witnesses called 911 and St. Louis firefighters managed to rescue him a half-hour later. Fire officials say the victim was conscious and able to walk when he was found. Rescue attempts in the Mississippi River rarely turn out so well and very often turn into recovery efforts. Authorities have not released the man identity or those of the men who were with the victim. {source}

Can this possibly be what is needed to solve the case of the SFK? Was this man supposed to be another victim added to a long, long list of drowned men? This is the first thing I thought of when I read this at the Footprints At the River's Edge blog, which is devoted to this topic. But some questions come up:

**Why would two men, supposedly friends, throw this young man over the bridge into the river? (Did they have an argument--it was personal? They were just dead drunk and thought it would be funny--people do very stupid, potentially fatal things they otherwise wouldn't?... Or were those 3 months they used to befriend him really a plot, to make this man comfortable hanging out with them just so they could commit this crime?) --Seriously, who throws their drunk "friend" over a big bridge into a night!?

**If these are the SFKs, what went wrong this time? Did they slip the guy a date rape drug but not give him enough? How is it that he survived and the others did not?

**Plus, there were witnesses in this incident. Were there witness in any of the other cases? This actually might point to this not being related to the SFK case. OR they may just be getting sloppy, like many serial killers do.

**Were these two men just taking advantage of the fact that so many of these drownings have been attributed to accidents? Monique777 made an interesting comment/observation on the blog post at the Footprints blog:
I sometimes wonder if the publicity of men drowning under suspicious circumstances hasn't inspired poeple who want a man dead to just throw them into water.They are usually ruled accidents and so they may figure they'll get away with this too.

A revengeful person killed Brandon Scott. His first attempt at killing him was over a year ago. His brother stepped in front of him during gun fire and was killed instead.
Over a year later, this same person kills Brandon by putting GHB in his drink and then drowning him. Completely different MO, perhaps because he thought he could get away with it?
Food for thought

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Am I the only one that finds everything technological has a dark, conspiratorial undercurrent to it? Am I the only one that refuses out of sheer terror to use my real name on registration forms when signing up for services such a new e-mail account, even though I'm not doing anything illegal? Do you think the only reason social networks were made was to keep track of people and further trapping people by caching all activities ever performed on the site (ie. deleting something like photos or a note/blog does not mean it has completely disappeared!) Don't you wish that people still made use of snail mail?
I know I can't be the only one.

Signs of Internet Paranoia
  • You never post photographs of yourself, opting instead for cartoon characters and movie star photos you found via Google Images. And if you used to post photos of yourself, you've taken them down when you became aware of the dark elements of the internet tool.
  • You do not post any personal information that will allow people to locate you (phone number, address, matter how vague.)
  • You only add people you have actually met face-to-face to your friends list, because unlike most people, you realize that no one is who they claim to be on the internet!
  • You know what the index.dat file is, and you don't like it. You don't like it at all. Perhaps you even know how to clean it out. (CCleaner)
  • In the grips of paranoia, you create multiple e-mail addresses hoping to throw them off, only to come to the realization that your IP address will give you away.
A Cure For the Disease?

I propose a techno detox! What do I mean by techno detox?
It's very similar to a body detox or a colon cleanse except far less messy and painful.
It involves abstaining from computer use for a set amount of time. I suggest beginners start with one or two days (perhaps the weekend.) Then work up to weeks and then take the big leap and go for months. I have cleansed myself of Facebook for about 5 months a year ago and it was so liberating. I actually deleted my account* and went cold turkey. Isn't is odd (suspicious) that I speak of it like it was some sort of drug. I'm sure it's a mind control tool.

And if you work with computers, then well, I'm sorry for you. Your techno-colon may be clogged beyond repair.

*I deleted everything from my Facebook account one-by-one, even my friends, never intending to return. But when half a year later I did return, a lot of what I deleted was still there! So even after all that time, they kept it all cached. It was a chilling experience.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

John Keel has Died

Very sad news. John Keel, probably best known for his book The Mothman Prophecies, has died at the age of 79.

Here's Loren Coleman's tribute to John Keel.

1930 - 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Out of the Blue (full documentary)

Note, the creator of this documentary is coming out with another documentary called I KNOW WHAT I SAW. I will try to find out when and where you can watch this one.

added Sept. 2, 2009
Apparently I KNOW WHAT I SAW is the same documentary as OUT OF THE BLUE. Just a name change.