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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Make Your Own Conspiracy!

Let's play a game. I will list a few recent news stories and you pick one and make your own conspiracy theories about them (in the comments.)

I want to see what you can come up with!

So here are the stories you can choose from:

1. Twitter blackout
2. Auschwitz death camp survivor strangled
3. Billy Mays had cocaine in his system
4. Squeaky (Manson Girl) to be released from prison next week

Remember: choose ONE.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, Manson Girl, to Go Free!

I saw this on CNN and my jaws dropped. I don't know why but this is so shocking to me.

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Fromme, now 60, is set to be released on parole August 16.

Fromme is housed at the Federal Medical Center at Carswell, Texas.

For years, she was one of Manson's few remaining followers, as many other "Manson Family" members have shunned him. A prison spokeswoman would not say whether Fromme continues to correspond with Manson.

Fromme was convicted in 1975 of pointing a gun at then-President Gerald Ford in Sacramento, California. Secret Service agents prevented her from firing, but the gun was later found to have no bullet in the chamber, although it contained a clip of ammunition. {read the full article}

Do you think she should be release?

I personally think she still follows/corresponds Manson. I always thought that of all the girls she and Susan Atkins were the most fervent followers of Manson. Squeaky was really into all of it so can you imagine her roaming free? How she will be pursued by Mansonphiles?

George Sodini Mind Control or Just Anoter Man Going Postal?

(CNN) -- A gunman walked into an LA Fitness gym outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, turned off the lights and fired off 50 rounds, killing three women before killing himself Tuesday evening, police said.

The man didn't speak but was carrying a gym bag with a note inside it. He was found dead in the gym lying on top a gun about 7 feet away from a victim, said Charles Moffatt, Allegheny County police superintendent.

At least 10 other people were injured in the barrage of bullets that sent people in the gym ducking for cover, Moffatt said.

A law enforcement source identified the gunman as George Sodini, a 48-year-old gym member.

Moffatt would not release the name of the victims during a Wednesday news conference.

Sodini was a systems analyst in the finance department of K&L Gates, a law firm with an office in Pittsburgh, said Mike Rick, a spokesman for the firm. Sodini had worked for the firm since 1999, Rick said.

Neighbors described Sodini as a bit of a recluse. They said he had stopped talking to neighbors.

Any time someone goes somewhere and "goes postal," shoot up the place, etc. my first thought is: This guy* must have been severely depressed or mentally disturbed and I will feel a twinge of empathy and compassion for them (yes, despite the unnecessary carnage of human life.) The second thought, being a conspiracy theorist, is always: He must have been a mind control experiment. He had to have been.
I know it might be a bit much for my mind to stray to this possibility, however small the possibility.
*Sometimes a female.
Moffatt would not confirm a newspaper report that Sodini's ex-girlfriend was wounded in the shooting.

He also did not say what was written on the note that was found in Sodini's gym bag. But the law enforcement source said that the gunman in the note "talks about his hatred of women."

This makes me realize that this wasn't a mind control experiment but a man gone postal. He clearly had his own personal agenda. But I'm sure someone out there will come up with some

What always interests me is the writing of people like this (killers.)
Sodini apparently left behind an online diary that details his loneliness and longing for a female companion -- and his growing rage at what he perceived as rejection by women. The diary lists Sodini's dates of birth and death, with the death date listed as Tuesday, the same day as the shootings.

The source who identified Sodini provided a month and year of birth that matches the birth date listed on Sodini's diary.

The diary seems to offer a rare glimpse into the mind of the suspected killer.

"Why do this?? To young girls? Just read below. I kept a running log that includes my thoughts and actions after I saw this project was going to drag on," the diary begins.

Throughout the log, the writer refers to a shooting that he is planning as an "exit plan."

The first entry is November 5, 2008. "Planned to do this in the summer but figure to stick around to see the election outcome," it says.

His website is but if you try to go there now, it just says SERVICE UNAVAILABLE. So I guess it's been taken down. Here's a snippet:


I found a site that cached Sodini's blog in it's entirity:
Hope THIS doesn't get put down! You should thank them in the comment below for posting this up.

What I don't understand is, if this guy's blog was public, was it ever reported? I can't believe he would talk about his extensive, practiced plan to shoot a place up and it not be reported! Maybe he had no readers. That's believable. I've had personal blogs where no one ever went (I can check through Google Analytics) even when I posted the URL on social sites, etc. Pretty depressing. And my (social, overall) life being very similar to Sodini, I can totally understand/believe that no one ever visited or actually read through what he had to write. [Mind you, this blog gets some pretty good traffic I think because it's sort of a niche blog. It isn't just another personal blog (yawn).]

-------------------------------UPDATE 2----------------------------------------
Watching CNN I now learn that this blog wasn't up at those dates when they were written but posted shortly before the shootings. That would explain why no one alerted authorities.

A panel on CNN is talking about this right now and I find is so sick that these people are just making fun of this guy (like they've done with other lone gunmen.) They are doing just what other people have done to this guy. I'm not saying that this guy has no guilt in this. Of course he does. But these sick tv people are laughing at him and his character with a bullying "boo hoo hoo" attitude. Amazing!