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Friday, August 28, 2009

Mass Media Ignoring Virginia Tech Incidents

I'm watching CNN and in their usual fashion they speak of the same few stories over and over... yet one story is strangely missing: the 2 slain Virginia Tech students. I wrote a post on this yesterday but I have more to say about this now.

So here's what I'm being bombarded with right now:

  • We're getting a play-by-play of lines of thousands of people gawking at/'paying respect' to Ted Kennedy. Yup, just lines of people shuffling by his casket. (Is this really something we need to sit at home and watch? How is this news?)
  • A girl abducted by a creepy sex offender is finally freed after 18 years, after having two children (via rape) with this old monster. (OK, this is definitely news worthy, but they seem to be avoiding some important questions in this case, but then again, that's typical.)
  • A broom stands on it's own, the new store owner is milking it for all it's worth. Pretty pathetic. REALLY not news worthy!
  • Swimsuit model's ex killed her, cut off her fingers and pulled out her teeth, dumped her in a dumpster and killed himself. Now a person of interest blah blah blah... Seriously, other people are missing...STILL with a chance of being found, yet we're being bombarded with this sensational nonsense because hey, sex sells. Really... have you no shame?

So why am I watching the news? Well, I'm keeping it tuned in to see if possibly they might mention this V-Tech incident. It's really sickening to things they choose to report on over something as important and bizarre (Virginia Tech's 3rd incident) as this.

Also, I found this neat little forum that has a board just about Virginia Tech incidents:

OK, 1:13 PM and they finally mentioned this case; I've been watching since about 11AM. Even had a little clip of some sheriff speaking. It was so fleeting though! They mentioned there were two other incidents involving Virginia Tech but did not go into any details.
Is it just me that feels like this is an episode of the Twilight Zone?

Voices Revealed... to a Sex Offender

A sex offender who heard voice from a box (hmm, I wonder if he is speaking of a television or radio?) abducted a girl in 1991 and sired two children with her. He and his wife are now in custody. Read the full story here.

What I wanted to present to you was his blog, called Voices Revealed. It's interesting to us because he speaks of mind control. Check it out.

Unfortunately, the comments are still rolling in unmoderated so it's just a lot of angry people telling him what a sicko he is. Although I agree with them, I wish they would just freeze the blog as it was PRIOR to it having come to the public. But then again, it may get shut down or something so I will see if I can find a way to archive it elsewhere...

I archived and uploaded his blog. Here's the link where you can read it and download it for yourself:
Warning: it's confusing... but what do you expect?

Voices Revealed Archive

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Something is SERIOUSLY Wrong with Virginia Tech

What is with Virginia Tech? Something is seriously wrong with that school. First there was Cho Seung-Hui going on a shooting rampage, then there was the covered-up (under reported) incident of the Chinese exchange student beheading another exchange student, and now this: TWO VIRGINIA TECH STUDENTS FOUND MURDERED IN VIRGINIA FOREST

The bodies of David Lee Metzler, 19, of Lynchburg and Heidi Lynn Childs, 18, of Forest were found by a passerby, Montgomery County Sheriff Lt. Brian Wright said. Both appear to have been shot, he said. Wright said Metzler's body was found inside a car in the parking area of the Caldwell Fields campground and Childs was found outside the car. The campground is about 15 miles from Virginia Tech's campus in Blacksburg.

A suspect has not been identified and autopsies were being conducted in Roanoke. {source}

Something is very fishy with this school...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Bob Lazar Biopic

First there's talk about Brad Pitt playing Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber) in a biopic. I think Brad Pitt is a TERRIBLE choice, but whatever.

Now I'm reading Matt damon may play Bob Lazar in his biopic (yeah, I didn't even know there was going to be a biopic.) Where do these casting agents come up with these terrible matches?

Matt Damon's dreams of playing real-life alien expert Bob Lazar are back on - a new biopic about the scientist has been greenlighted.

Damon was reportedly onboard to play Lazar four years ago when movie executives at New Line were hoping to turn his life story and his recollections of working at S4, a secret military base located at Papoose Lake in Nevada, into a movie, but film plans stalled.

Now Curmudgeon Films - the company behind Cameron Diaz's movie My Sister's Keeper - has taken over the project and Kenneth Yakkel is adapting TV interviews Lazar conducted with Las Vegas reporter George Knapp for the movie.

A spokesman for the project says, "2009 marks the 20th anniversary of Lazar's amazing account of back engineering one of nine alien flying saucers recovered by the U.S. military.

"Threats on his (Lazar) life forced him to go public with the story. The film is based on his amazing eyewitness accounts of working at S4.

"Matt Damon would be at the top of our list to play Lazar. I had heard he was interested in it years ago when New Line was going to do the Lazar story."{source}

Would you watch the Bob Lazar biopic? Do you think Matt Damon is the best choice? Who should play Bob Lazar?

Michael Jackson Conspiracies

As expected, there have been some post-mortem (or even"post-mortem") Michael Jackson conspiracy theories.

1. Michael Jackson was Killed by the CIA
Yeah, the CIA killed Jackson... and every other dead powerhouse celebrity. For some, it's more believable than others. Like for Marilyn Monroe's suspicious death, it's believable. But Jackson? Why? Am I missing something here?
Not saying it's impossible but really...

2. Michael Jackson in NOT Dead!
I just saw this video from LiveLeak claiming to be the correct coroner's van (license plate) that was carrying Jackson after his helicopter ride. It's has a feel of cheesiness, with the cameraman's heavy breathing, like he was just running and stumbled upon something amazing. Well, would I be surprised if he were alive? Not really. But then, with all this trouble with his doctors and what? Role playing all these investigator's scouring doctor offices and all that. All an elaborate stage play for the world media?
But as a credit to this theory: Jackson IS worth more dead than alive... like most celebrities, especially those who have been waning (drug problems, not producing anything new, etc.)
But I have to go back. Would they really put his children (who were kept, literally, under wraps) on a public world stage and have them sobbing over their father? That's a bit cruel don't you think?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ATS forum a CIA front?

I've signed up to ATS ( a while back but never really posted or signed in regularly, though I would end up at the forum often while researching something. I would notice that there was some strange behavior on the forum, such as bad/unfair/ridiculous/biased moderation that led me to grow suspicions about the goal of the forum. Then I was watching John Leary being interviewed for Project Camelot and realized that I may be on to something. He was kicked off (or banned) the forum when, apparently, he got a little too close to the truth for the comfort for whoever it is that runs the website.

While researching on the internet what other people had to say about this topic I came across an interesting post on the Project Avalon forum by a user going by the name Accipiter_Phi. Here's what he had to say (in full):

I know for a fact that ATS is NSA...

Here is my story:

The same day that I decided to post on "Youtube" a comprehensive analysis (utilizing image enhancement) on the UFH phenomena, I sent them a rather nasty letter to test what my intuition already knew was true. I told them that I had just posted the 1st of many videos... and that I knew they were shucking and jiving real experiencers. I stated that I believed that their only goal was to gauge public comprehension of exopolitics and to MISLEAD the public while attacking real experiencers/researchers/patriots.

The same day:
a) SIM card in cell phone deleted all contacts

b) the monitor of my brand spanking new MacBookPro became freakishly interlaced & my Photoshop files were corrupted (luckily all research was backed up on an unplugged peripheral drive)

c) This is the kicker (sounds like a cliche, I know, but it is TRUE): I live on a summit line in remote area of the SantaMonica Mtns on 3 acres... every day, for 6 months, I was visited (as well as my girlfriend) by a blackish green Hughes 500 (or MD-500E), and a number of other small helicopters (Robinson R22) that would circle my house or hover nearby. Coincidentally, the local fire camp helicopter used to fly over my house for over ten years; seemingly using my pool as a landmark; that changed when the others began to frequent us (from then on, the LAFD copter would always avoid my house by flying around me in a mile long semi circle... weird, huh).

I could always tell about ten minutes in advance when the intimidator helicopters were coming (even before they crested the mtn cornice) because each time, every time, I would get a gigantic pressure in my brain. It felt like somebody was squeezing my skull as hard as they could. It was the worst six months of my life.

d) all outgoing calls from both my land line and cell phone showed up on other peoples caller i.d. as (213) 921-1911 (which is no where near my 818 phone number).

e) the most blatent event happened in Malibu... My girlfriend and I where walking across the wooden bridges as 3rd point Surfrider beach (at about 6PM) and a multi hued green helicopter with tinted windows (nicer and larger than the Hughes 500) hovered over us for 5 whole minutes... We had binoculars and were taking turns looking and laughing at the "scare-wee-hell-wee-copter"... thinking "are we really worth the effort."

I mean this thing was RIGHT OVER US... dust was going everywhere, birds were freaking out (Surfrider Lagoon being a state bird sanctuary). This was right in front of tourists and everything... we thought it was funny and desperate (since all the images used in the video were public domain).

2 minutes after the copter left, this 6'-5" unshaven, blue eyed, brown haired guy that kinda looked like Colin Farrel on steroids, wearing motorcycle leathers and boots dramatically appeared from behind a bush and stomped his metal bike boots on the wooden bridge (creating a thunderous sound)... All the while he stared into my eyes while he had his eyebrow cocked (Magnum P.I. style) and a sardonic grin (:sneaky2:). I calmly said hello... he just kept silently grinnin' all cockeyed and stomped his booted feet down the bridge.
The helicopter was telling him where to go, which was where we were as well as making sure we got the message... (at first I thought he was coming on to me):naughty:.

e) My girlfriend (the daughter of a International CEO & grand daughter of a 33rd degree diplomatic concilieri to Reagan and both Bushes and owner of most of old town Pasadena and whom was just knighted by the Japanese Gov) was followed morning and night by a maroon Crown Vic... for months. It finally stopped when she acknowleged their presence in a very funny way: she did the Robert Dinero "I'm watching you" finger to the eyes thing from "Meet the Parents."

f) and last but not least, least but not last, ofcourse, vans go up and down my private "county unmaintained" road at all hours of the night and day... still... to this day (there is nothing up there but switchbacks) and they usually come down in reverse ten minutes later... this is my favorite, because I can look right down into their cab from my elevated position, which they don't like at all.

So, if you want to see the videos that started this ********, here ya go:

The fist image in part one had the most detail...(since the UFH's cloak is open and its hood is down). Other artistic renderings (based on rather low res photos that utilized details after enhancement) also contain details that were extrapolated from the first image and applied to others. Certain remote viewing techniques were also used. I sat on this vid for years because the first place I sent them (UFORC, ATS) shot them down and made me insecure. Finally though, I received a message in a lucid dream that everything I knew was true... and that I must post these ASAP (yeah, I know how that sounds, thanks). Then after my ATS rant, the madness began. WEEEeeee... (I got my verification on ATS motives but it was a dumb ass way to go about it... Hind Sight 20/20). {}
Please not that I have no way of verifying the statements above!

Some alternatives to ATS forum:

Godlike Productions (pretty much unmoderated so you'll have to sift for the gems, but it's well worth it.)
Fantastic Forums
Imaginative Worlds
Open Minds Forum

Update on Mysterious Alien Goblin Creature of Mexico

So it turns out that scientists are still stumped as to what this creature is.
A blog reader pointed me to a new article(with video!) posted today on "'Alien baby' stumps experts - is it just an elaborate hoax?"

There are frequent UFO sightings and reports of crop circles in the area where the creature was found. Perhaps it was left behind deliberately by aliens.

Mexican UFO expert Jaime Maussan (56) was the first to break the story. He claimed it was not a hoax. Farmers also told him that there was a second creature but it ran away when they approached.

I did learn from this article something I did not know: the farmers saw a second creature fleeing the scene.
But what did this second creature look like? Was is the same size? Or more like a typical grey? I ask this because the article/video reports that some people believe that aliens left this creature behind.

Also, another small detail of the story has changed, yet again: the drowning of the creature. The article claims that the rancher drowned it in a ditch. Before, we were led to believe that the creature was drowned in an acid bath.

WHO KEEPS CHANGING THESE LITTLE DETAILS? Are people just spreading rumors? If so, WHO and WHY?

I just find the "it's an alien from outer space" theory a little strange because I've never heard an alien abductee ever describe seeing anything like this. But that does not necessarily mean it can't be from outer space.

But on the other hand, the article claims that the creature has feature of both lizard and human. Is this a baby reptilian (alien)? Is it even possible for a mere human to kill a reptilian? I don't know. Ask David Icke

Is this a hoax? It seems way too elaborate to be a hoax if scientists can't conclude by now that this carcass was not once a living creature. It had to have been something living.

A Shirtless Man's Supposed Encounter with a Reptilian

Is this a hoax? It sure does seem like it. What am I talking about? Well, here's the transcript of the news story of a man who claims to have encountered a reptilian alien (whom he sometimes refers to as the devil.) You can see the video at the link provided.

NORTH PORT: The North Port man who claims his home is being visited by aliens has been exposed as a fraud. The paranormal investigator looking into this case says the homeowner made the whole thing up to make a quick buck.

Mike Rowley's story hasn't changed.

"These reptilians are gung ho travelers of outer space," he explained.

But paranormal investigator Eric Patterson says he isn't buying it.

"This is definitely a hoax, definitely a hoax," said Patterson.

He says Rowley's alien encounter claims are far-fetched. And when it comes to the so called cast of an alien footprint Rowley showed us a few weeks ago Patterson said, "Nice try. Basically, it looks like a gopher hole."

But Rowley is convinced he has something unique.

Rowley: I have the only devil's foot print in the world.
Reporter Kevin Ozebek: [Patterson] says that's a gopher hole.
Rowley: So what? I don't give a flip.

Patterson says his investigation didn't reveal extraterrestrials, just a scheme to make some extra cash.

Rowley is now selling $22 alien T-shirts on his website and he is also trying to sell the plaster cast he made of the supposed footprint to the highest bidder. He hopes to bring in $1-million for it.

Ozebek: Are you making this up for money?
Rowley: No. I'm not making this up for money.
Ozebek: Are you exaggerating this for money?
Rowley: No, I'm not making this up for money. But I don't mind making some money.

Rowley says he'll soon be leaving North Port and his home is up for sale. He says he's moving to Alaska. His reason for moving there, he says, is that aliens don't like the cold. {source}

And the sad thing is, I'm sure he's a fellow Coastie.

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