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Friday, September 4, 2009

A Look At Flying Humanoids (Part 2)

Theories I've heard brought up:
  • Cluster of balloons (say the debunkers)
  • One-man jet mobile? (government)
  • a witch (Mexican legend of la bruja*)
  • an alien

*The Mexicans seem convinced that this thing is a witch. This video is in Spanish, and I do not have a translation, but it's still interesting to watch.

MonsterQuest did a show on Flying Humanoids (along with the Metepec creature). You can see Part 1 below:

I tend to believe the policeman's story of being chased and attacked by this thing. I mean, how does on fake being in shock? He was really in shock. Clusters of balloons don't chase and attack people. The other 3 theories, on the other hand, can.

In Mexico, witchcraft is called brujeria. According to the Wikipedia article:
The most well known practices are similar to English witchcraft: spells (hechizos), charms, amulets, divination, and use of plants (usually herbs). Other practices might include phenomena similar with traditional English witchcraft; namely shapeshifting, glamoury and hedgeriding of the hedgewitch, including use of entheogens. Brujos paganos (pagan-witches) might participate in ritual or ceremonial ecstacies.

Among certain Hispanic and Native American cultures of the Southwest, the practice of brujería is feared as a manifestation of evil. Those who use rituals, spells, incantations, potions, and powders to work ill against others are known as brujas (witches), who are primarily female in number (the male witch is known as a brujo). All the negative facets of witchcraft feared by people throughout the world are practiced by the brujas: manifesting the evil eye, casting spells to cause physical or mental illness, bringing about bad luck, even death. The brujas create dolls in which they insert bits of the victim's hair, fingernail clippings, or pieces of clothing and focus their evil intent upon the miniature representative of the person to be cursed. If an Anglo doctor with modern medical techniques cannot cure someone who has fallen suddenly ill, a bruja is suspected as being the cause of the problem.

Brujas are also thought to be accomplished shapeshifters, possessing the supernatural ability to transform themselves into owls, coyotes, or cats. In the form of an animal, they may spy upon potential victims and may even administer a potion into their unsuspecting quarry's food or water or hide a bad-luck charm on his or her premises. There are certain amulets or rituals that offer some protection from the brujas, but the only sure way to rid oneself of their evil deeds is to employ the services of a curandero. Sometimes the curandero is able to contact the bruja through supernatural means and demand that the curse or spell be removed. In more severe cases, the curandero may have to direct a spell toward the bruja and defeat her on the spiritual level in order to force her to remove the evil directed toward the victim.

Here is a National Geographics piece on brujeria:

I would like to know how that police officer is doing now. Did he have enemies (female especially)?

Questions I Have:
  • What sounds, if any, do these flying humanoids emit?
  • How often is it seen and for what duration? Is it seasonal?
  • Does it appear and disappear into/out of thin air?
  • Could it be a hologram?

UFO Google Logo Caught My Attention

I just went to Google to look something up and before I could type anything something caught my eye. The logo included a UFO. I thought, "Hmmm.. is it a Roswell anniversary or something?" So I clicked it and it took me to a Google search of "unexplained phenomenon." Pretty neat!

Review of Linda Kasabian on Larry King Live

Linda Kasabian sat besides Vincent Bugliosi to speak with Larry King, in disguise, which I thought was a terrible disguise. She has a very distinctive face and you can pretty much see her in her "disguise". If I passed her on the street I think I'd know it was her. Anyhow, she spoke of a perspective of the killings that I never really put myself in: as the person who drove the other 3 to the scene and watched in horror at what went down. I believe her when she says she had no idea what was going to happen, that this was going to be just another creepy crawly. She was used. She was the only one who had a driver's license.

Larry King asked questions that made me think he just didn't get it. Like why didn't she ask them to stop killing, why she didn't run away after the first night of killings, why she didn't call the police during the Tate murders, etc. King was around during the time. I don't know if he just has writers who don't know better questions to ask or what. He didn't ask any sent-in questions (I sent in a few for Kasabian) ...of course unless he used them without giving credit. Last time I send in questions to the Larry King show!

Deborah Tate spoke with Larry for the last 25 minutes of the show. I found out something new: Larry said he interviewed Sharon Tate just a few weeks before the murders. Deborah expressed her doubts that Susan Atkins has terminal brain cancer, saying that if that were so she wouldn't have made it this long.

I think it could have been better overall. Larry should have showed the clip of himself interviewing Sharon Tate. I wish Kasabian would have given longer answers.
3/5 stars

on History Channel, September 7 (Labor Day), 9PM/8 Central
He was the mastermind of the most notorious murders in U.S. history, a crazed guru who terrified the world and plunged the city of Los Angeles into a state of paranoia and panic.
This feature-length docudrama from HISTORY takes viewers deep inside Charles Manson's twisted world of hate, fear, and mind control to tell the story of how one man transformed a harmless group of hippies into a gang of brutal murderers.
Intertwining first-person accounts with rare archive footage, Manson looks back at the nine months leading up to and including the brutal murder of Sharon Tate, the Manson family's most famous victim, four decades after her bludgeoning. It features key Manson family member Linda Kasabian, who was at the scene of the Sharon Tate murders as lookout and getaway driver, in her first interview in 20 years, as well as interviews with fellow Manson family member Catherine Share; Vincent Bugliosi, the lead prosecutor who wrote Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders; and Deborah Tate, Sharon Tate's sister.

I'll be sure to catch it! Mark your calendars.

A Series called "The Industry" on Youtube... Censored and Shut Down

I was surfing around on Godlike Productions when I came upon an interesting thread: A Speech about human sacrafice in HIP HOP that will NEVER be pinned!!!!

It listed a video from a user created series titled "The Industry" showing all types of masonic rituals in today's music industry. Although some mistakes are made, like saying 50 cents (the rapper) alter ego is named Curtis, when in fact that is his real name, there are some interesting displays of masonic rituals in a lot of rap and hip hop videos (pop videos too). I've never noticed because I don't particularly like rap and hip hop (...or pop!)

Anyway, I got about 9 videos into the series and suddenly I could not proceed. As I watched, Youtube suspended the user's account and now all the videos are off of Youtube. Well, you can watch them all here on the user's website (even available to download):

Youtube has been taking down lots of his video due to "copyright infringement" although only short snippets of music videos are used in his series. Is this copyright infringement? Isn't it fair use? I learned in film school that you can use clips of things... as long as you're just doing a piece about it and not showing it in its' entirety.

Does Smiley Face Killer Visit My Blog? + Death Called Suspicious

What happened to Jelani Brinson? Results of an autopsy on the Minneapolis, Minnesota man are finally being released, but are not shedding light on the 24-year-old’s fate. According to published reports, the coroner’s examination of Jelani was inconclusive.

Lt. Paul Sommer of the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office told a local newspaper, “We’re not saying this is a murder and we’re not saying its a suicide, but it is highly suspicious.

Jelani mysteriously left a friend’s house on April 17, 2009. A week later, he was found dead in nearby golf course pond. However, the coroner did not find any reason why Jelani died. There wasn’t any sign of foul play, overdose, medical condition or even drowning.

In the days after Jelani’s disappearance, dogs tracked his scent to a nearby bar. The bizarre story took another turn when Jelani’s shoes and hat were recovered in the area. {source}

So finally law enforcement are calling it suspicious. Took them long enough.

"It is particularly frustrating because normally in a situation like this we expect certain things to be apparent," [Sheriff's Lt. Paul Sommer] said. "If he's found in a pond, you'd think he drowned. He did not. Or if he was dumped there, you'd think you'd find an anatomical cause of death or a drug overdose. That was not there either. We have very little to go on." {source}

Yes, sounds to me like another victim of the Smiley Face Killer. And while we're on the topic, I wanted to point out something I noticed while watching the feed to my Feedjit for this blog. Someone from Minneapolis, Minnesota visited my site via searching for "smiley face killer." It got me to thinking, does the SFK ever visit my blog. You know whoever he or they are must be searching all over the internet for what people are saying. No doubt he's landed on my blog, as a lot of people searching for this topic do eventually land here. SFK, are you reading this?

Click photo to enlargen:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Philip Garrido's Pervert Van Caught in Motion by Google Map Van!

You can follow Philip Garrido's pervert van leaving the driveway of Walnut Ave., turning right on Bown. This last shot is pretty clear. The clip I saw on the news was even clearer and you can see a passenger. Is it Jaycee Duggard? Could be. Use this link as a starting point.

What will we find on Google Maps next?

Susan Atkins Stays in Prison + Linda Kasabian on Larry King

As expected, Susan Atkins was denied parole. Paralyzed or not, did anyone actually think they'd let her go? Get real, people!

As of earlier this year, Atkins was paralyzed over 85 percent of her body and could not sit up in bed or be moved into a wheelchair, according to a Web site maintained by her husband and attorney, James Whitehouse. She has been described as a model prisoner who has accepted responsibility for her role in the slayings and now shuns Manson. {CNN story}
I learned Atkins has a website. For anyone interested, here it is:
The site seemed a little slow when I visited just now. Maybe you'll have better luck.

Tomorrow, Linda Kasabian will be on Larry King Live. Synopsis:
Exclusive! Former Charles Manson disciple Linda Kasabian on the murders that shocked the world. The star witness in the case against Manson speaks publicly for the first time in decades.

Plus, Sharon Tate's killer -- dying and denied parole for the last time! Tate's sister speaks out.

And, Vincent Bugliosi, on the impact the crime continues to have 40 years later.
You don't want to miss this one! You can go to the website and e-mail in your questions! Here are my questions that I sent in:

(1) Has Charles Manson had any contact with you after the trial?
(2) What do you think about Susan Atkins being denied parole recently?
(3) What threats, if any, were made against you and by whom?
(4) Have any Manson-Fans ever recognized you and what did they say or do? What do you think of people who consider themselves fans of Manson?
(5) Have you contacted any of the family members of the Tate murders?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

CNN: Is it a Chupacabra?

Is this the famed chupacabra? Just a poor dog with unusual features?
Watch the video. What do you think?

What do I think? Well, I want to know this: how would you do tests on it and come to the decision that, yes, this is a chupacabra! Is there like a control sample somewhere? Sorry, as you can probably tell, I know not much about this chupacabra.


SHAME on German RTL, Makers of Michael Jackson Hoax Video

As I drove this morning, I listened to a live reading of one of the local papers. One story I found especially interesting and helpful. It spoke of the viral video of a supposed Michael Jackson hopping out of a coroner's van, very much alive. I wrote of this in this post:

As I stated, it was more likely than not a hoax, and it was. I'm sure most people realized that. A German broadcaster shot this video in Germany, painting a white van with the word CORONER. They did this to prove a point that conspiracy theorists believe anything and all that nonsense debunkers love to accuse ALL conspiracy theorists of.

BERLIN — A hoax video purportedly showing Michael Jackson emerging from a coroner's van was an experiment aimed at showing how quickly misinformation and conspiracy theories can race across the Internet, German broadcaster RTL said Tuesday.

The video was posted by RTL on YouTube for a single day a week ago and received 880,000 hits. The broadcaster has since removed the video from YouTube, but it has been picked up by other Web sites around the world.

"We wanted to show how easily users can be manipulated on the Internet with hoax videos," spokeswoman Heike Schultz of Cologne-based RTL told The Associated Press. "Therefore, we created this video of Michael Jackson being alive, even though everybody knows by now that he is dead — and the response was breathtaking." {source}

Well, I invite them to read my blog and they'll see that that it just not the case. And I'm sure others have written that they believe it's a hoax but OF COURSE, they will ignore those and just point out the people who fell for it.

This RTL is a hoaxer and they are, apparently, very proud of themselves. Well, I would like to tell them to not think so highly of themselves because all I see this as is exploiting Michael Jackson shortly after his death.

The RTL spokeswoman said some Jackson fans were upset by the German broadcaster's actions.

"We didn't want to dishonor Michael Jackson, but we needed a strong name to get this experiment going," Schultz said. "Had we used Britney Spears, then the fans of Britney would have complained."*

Plus it's unoriginal. People always hoax things like this to poke fun at conspiracy theorists and prove some point (which is never proven) but I think these people should just be ashamed of themselves. This was a stunt. An attention grabbing stunt. Very pathetic. They want their names out there and they use this as a way to get people's attentions. P A T H E T I C! Don't have anything better to do?

Oh, you think!? Well, I think you DID dishonor him! You USED him post-mortem. Use any celebrity, dead or alive, and their fans will be pissed. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out! RTL should apologize publicly.
I'm so sick of these hoaxes. Like I said before, there should be an anti-hoax law. Society gains nothing from hoaxes. But a lot of time, energy and sometimes ever money is wasted and lost due to hoaxes. These typed of hoaxes (like Gerogia bigfoot hoax) should really be illegal.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Smiley Face Hunting Season

According to the video below, the Smiley Face Killings happen from September through May, and cluster around the beginning of the months. Today is the first say of September! I guess we will have to see what happens. I think more and more people will die unless this person, or these people, are caught, die, or disband.

Dick Hollman Mail Scam

I know this is a little different from what I normally blog about but thought it should be seen by everyone. These scans are all the pages from this letter I got today in the mail. Clearly it's a scam (an old one, even far back as 2004.) I just wanted everyone to see it.
I have no idea where they got my name and address. I'm considering contacting someone high up in the US Postal Service about this. Think anything will get done?

I was researching this "Dick Hollman" online and found lots of blogs talking about this. Much of it is complete BS, with comments about how it works and how great it is. BUNK! (If you're one of those people associated with this scam-- DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT POSTING A COMMENT HERE BECAUSE IT WILL NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY!)

There can be no reasonable doubt that the "Dick Hollman" testimonial is a fictional rewrite of an earlier "Dave Rhodes" testimonial (also fictional). An early example of this Dave (or David) Rhodes testimonial appears in a 1986 money chain letter (Rhodes). Consider that these letters claim Rhodes and Hollman BOTH:
(1) were laid off and their unemployment insurance had run out
(2) used these exact words to describe their plight: "The bill collectors were hounding me like you wouldn't believe"
(3) lost cars; Rhodes to repossession (in 1983), Hollman to both repossession (in 1983, see 2005) and theft in 2003,
(4) made fortunes with a chain letter
(5) went on 10-day cruises with their family
(6) bought a Cadillac
(7) built a second home in Virginia.

Finally, consider the claim in this "Oprah" chain letter that an unnamed attorney made $968,493 and $2,344,178 using the letter. That requires a total of 3,111,671 letters received, each containing one dollar. An empty envelope and a dollar bill weight about .15 ounce. A little multiplication then reveals that this attorney would have to have received about 14.5 tons of mail. If it takes just 10 seconds to remove the bill from an envelope, it would take one person working without a break about a year just to remove the bills. And if each of these 3,111,671 participants themselves sent out 200 letters as instructed, a total of 622,334,200 letters must have been mailed. That makes two for every man, woman and child in the United States. I suppose this could happen (something like this did happen in 1935). But if so, I do not think one should expect to make any more money with the same letter. Daniel W. VanArsdale, March 10, 2009 {SOURCE}
Good point!