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Friday, September 18, 2009

Mysterious Creature Killed in Panama

CERRO AZUL, Panama -- It looks a bit like a small, portly alien from the movie "E.T." or Gollum's long-lost cousin, but officials haven't the slightest idea what a creature found just east of Panama City really is.

The creature was first found by four teenagers playing near a creek in the community of Cerro Azul.

According to a local TV station, Telemetro, the teenagers spotted the creature crawling out from a cave. They said it started moving toward them. Fearing for their safety, they pelted the beast with sticks and rocks.

After the barrage killed the creature, the teenagers tossed its lifeless body into the water. But they later returned to take pictures of their strange find.

Zoologists in Panama said they're not sure what the creature is, but said it resembles a dead fetus.

As soon as video of the monstrous creature was released, speculations began swirling. People said it was everything from an alien to a monster and an albino hairless sloth.

There has been no word on whether investigators will perform a DNA test on the creature to determine what exactly it is. {source, click the source to watch video!}
 So some say it could be an albino hairless sloth. What do slothes look like anyway? Check out this picture of a live sloth (a regular sloth with hair):
Sorry, couldn't find any pictures of albino hairless sloths. I guess it does slightly resemble a sloth, just bloated. Remember, they threw it in the water after beating it to death so that could explain why it appears more bloated that what you're seeing in this photo. This creature appears to have very long arms, just like the sloth.

I doubt it's an alien, as in an ET. I'd file this under cryptozoology.
I don't know if I'd call this a "hoax." How would one go about making something that looks like this? Not that it's impossible. Sure it could be a film prop or something. But if the story the teens gave is true, this must be a real creature. It does look real. Real meaning that it was once a live creature and not some stuffed doll.

As expected, some people brought up the other Montauk Monster but if you look at photos of that creature, there are some differences, like that one has what appears to be a very sharp beak. And the arms don't look similar at all.

I also read speculations online that this might be some kind of marketing ploy.  I would hate for that to be the case. I for one would SHUN a company using these tactics to sell something and I'd actually stay away from giving them money, and I encourage everyone else to.

My questions:
  • What did this creature look like when alive? I doubt it looked like the famous picture at the very top of this post.
  • How heavy was this creature? The claim these kids were able to toss it into the water.
  • How exactly did this creature move and how fast was it able to move?
  • Did this creature make any sounds (growling, hissing, howling, etc.)?
  • So this creature washed back ashore after being tossed into the water? 
  • What "body of water" is this? A river, pond, ocean, etc?
  • Where is this creature now? Who has it and what is being done to it (DNA tests, etc.)?

Weird ... the slimy beast
{photo source}


This photo shows the creature after it's been picked apart by buzzards. It was taken days after the other photos. Now we have a better look at the entire creature. I'm almost positive now that this WAS a sloth. Look at the hands and feet! Identical to sloth's claws!

In 1996, near Panama, another creature was spotted. It turned out that this was a decaying sloth. Read about it here (picture included!)
That poor sloth!
Did those kids really have to stone it to death?
Couldn't they turn around and run? 
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

J.C. Webster III's Blog CLAMP + Video + Poll

I didn't know J.C. Webster III (God's 10 star general) had a blog.
Have a look see:

What's his e-mail? Something about boiling pits of sewage

Caution: for entertainment purposes only!

Here's an extra. J.C. Webster vs. UFO Phil on some radio show called CRAGG:

"Jesus was a white person!"
"George Noory is a mafia Don!"
"You're in cahoots with them. You're cahootizers!"
"Mountain Dew is devil water. I don't drink alcohol!"
-J.C. Webster .....oh, so funny!

William Henry Accusing Dan Brown of Stealing His Ideas? Yes and No.

I got a newsletter e-mail from William Henry today. I've heard Henry on Coast to Coast AM and was very impressed and decided to sign up (free). Let me also preface this by admitting two things:
1. I have never read any of William Henry's books. I've only heard him speaking on the radio and I've seen clips from his movies/documentaries online.
2. I have never read any of Dan Brown's novels, although I have seen the Da Vinci Code movie many times.

I am posting the entire e-mail (well, the first portion which he devoted to the topic of Dan Brown's new novel) so you can see what I'm saying. Also note that I will highlight in red what I want to really point out:

Hello Everyone,
What would it mean to discover that the U.S. Capitol is a temple of ascension, one that can be used to tap into a Higher Power? Today, it means everything! 
Well, I'm thrilled to announce that I was right. As I've been saying for months, Dan Brown's new book is about  the Dome of the U.S. Capitol and The Apotheosis of George Washington painting.  In his new book, The Lost Symbol,  Brown sends symbolist Robert Langdon in search of an ancient portal in the U.S. Capitol and points to the Apothesosis as the key to the portal and to transforming men into gods.
If this sounds familiar its because this is EXACTLY what I said in my presentations "MORPH" and "The American Rite" from last October and November respectively. As I write in my new book, Freedom's Gate: The Lost Symbols in U.S. Capitol , co-authored with Dr. Mark Gray, this painting and the Capitol Dome encodes nothing less than a path to individual empowerment, ascension and true Freedom.
Am I the source for Dan Brown's Capitol concepts for The Lost Symbol (which Brown didn't finish till February, 2009)? His publisher, Doubleday, all but confirmed this on The Lost Symbol's Facebook page, which was set-up to provide clues to the subject matter of the then forthcoming book. I was the August 2 clue (one of the first). They provided a link to my article "The U.S. Capitol and the Temple in Man," which spells out the facts on Brown's fiction. 
After reading The Lost Symbol, all I can say is that if Dan Brown didn't use my work, then this is a case of a truly astonishing synchronicity. We have come to the exact same unique conclusions about the Capitol (it's a stargate) and its primary painting (it encodes the secret of our transformation) at exactly the same time. The connection between my research and what Brown presents is obvious to those who know my work. The final scene at the end of the book and its setting is straight out of my American Rite presentation. 
Here's a sampling of the emails I received from my readers yesterday:
"Just wanted to say how cool it is that the new Dan Brown book starts out so close to your research."
"I'm up to Chapter 14. Are you sure that Dan Brown or his wife did not attend one of your lectures....seems he is following along with your thought process and observations."
"Read Dan Brown's book. Basically nothing new, nothing original, ripped you and some other people off for ideas. Can't believe I read the whole thing.
My co-author, Dr. Mark Gray, and I have zero interest in challenging Mr. Brown in any way. We simply want people to know that the story about the Capitol holding the key to higher consciousness is TRUE. Our book, FREEDOM'S GATE, and my presentations MORPH and THE AMERICAN RITE, contain the facts from which Brown's fiction was derived. We hope his work will lift our own.
I'm asking for your help in spreading this word. I'm asking for your support in any way you can provide. If you can order FREEDOM'S GATE, MORPH or THE AMERICAN RITE please do. If you can support us in other ways it will be amazingly appreciated.
As I've said before, it's time for the real owners to visit the U.S. Capitol and find out what's really going on inside the Temple of Liberty. It's time to open our minds even further. Open our hearts wider. Open the doors to the true spirit of peace, love, wisdom and power in Freedom's Gate. It's time to "Om the Dome."
 I'm not refuting that Henry doesn't want to "challenge" Dan Brown but I just got the feeling that Henry was covertly antagonizing Dan Brown.  And maybe this is all he can do, because remember, Dan Brown won a copyright infringement case in August 2008 brought on against him by Holy Blood, Holy Grail authors Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh. There was another copyright infringement lawsuit he won prior to this one! So it seems that Henry may be on to something: Dan Brown uses what other researchers worked hard coming up with on their own, in his own novels without really giving much credit. That of course would kind of piss me off too.
This is a lot coming from someone who respects Henry's research and hard work and from someone who has had people steal her content/ideas over the years (and I'm not just talking about this blog either!) But I feel like this e-mail was challenging Brown, and he could have done it directly, like I always do (so long as I have a means of reaching the thief.) He should have just said it straight out, directly to Dan Brown. I'm sure Henry (author) can easily reach Dan Brown (author) through their agents or what have you.

That said, I will continue to watch the movie adaptations of Browns fictional novels and perhaps even read some of them, bought used or borrowed from the library of course. (I just feel like some people make more money than they should for what they do.) And perhaps I will find time to read through some of Henry's works too.

As a side note: I would respect Dan Brown more if instead of, or along with, writing fictional stories and alluding to these conspiracies, he would write non-fiction work. I think he'd be more respected if he did that. And the whole "this is all just fiction" argument wouldn't be brought up as much. And if fiction is all he is capable of writing, fine. I like fiction. I'm just thinking about how Brown's books are used in debates on topics of holy bloodline conspiracy theory, etc. Maybe his works shouldn't be used when debating or discussing these topics because they are categorized as fiction. Wouldn't it be like using Nabokov's Lolita to argue a case about child molesters? It probably wouldn't sit well with most people, and rightly so.

Also, here's the documentary Illuminating Angels and Demons in its entirety below:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another UFO Google Logo + Institute for Human Continuity 2012 marketing

Google has once again posted a paranormal themed logo above their search engine. The new version features a crop circle (above) and when you click on it, it takes you to a search for the term "crop circles." (You can see the other UFO logo below.)
The internet giant also posted a tweet on its Twitter account with the map reference 51.327629, 0.5616088, which eagle-eyed sci-fi fans have identified as the centre of the small town of Horsell in Surrey. This was the spot where HG Wells set the first UFO landing in his novel The War of the Worlds.
Everyone's trying to read deep significance into this. Is it about abduction? Or aliens? Or Horsell? Or just crop circles? No. It's almost certainly a viral marketing campaign teasing people ahead of some launch in a week or two. One possible explanation is that it's trailing an online "happening" that will coincide with the 143rd anniversary of Wells's birth next week. {source}
The beginning of this article would lead you to think it was just Google UK, but I'm on regular and am seeing the same logo. I tried (Germany) and (Japan) and all featured the same logo. Call this a world-wide-phenomenon on the world-wide-web!
I hope this isn't another lame viral marketing ploy, though. I'm getting pretty sick of those. Like the IHC (Institute for Human Continuity.) I've heard a number of calls coming into Coast to Coast AM of people who saw their commercial on TV and they wondered if this 2012 lottery was for real. I saw the commercial and new on the first viewing that it was just a commercial for a movie. If you watch the very end of it, it becomes clear to you. But their website is very fancy and clearly they spent a lot of time and money on it. There was another movie that recently came out that used a similar type of commercial, to make people think it was some sort of public service announcement. I guess this is the new thing to do.
This 30 second TV spot is actually different from the one I've been seeing and is the one all the callers were talking about. From the start you see the COLUMBIA (movie studio) clip, which clearly should tell you that THIS IS A MOVIE, FOLKS!

This is what I hate about the whole 2012 thing. People generally can't think straight when discussing it. They go into panic mode. Now before you complain to me, I don't mean everyone obviously. And on top of that, it's being used by people just to make a lot of cash, sell books, movies, t-shirts. It's LAME. Maybe we're all missing the point. The point being a new beginning. A new age. Or at least that's what I believe.
I've quickly gotten over the catastrophe theory. The solar even that will happen on December 21, 2012 happens EVERY December 21st! That's what these Apocalypse-pushers conveniently leave out. It's not really that big of a deal.