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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Susan Atkins Has Died

Shortly after Deborah Tate made the comment on Larry King Live that she is highly suspicious of whether or not Atkins really was terminally ill, Atkins dies.

(CNN) -- Susan Denise Atkins, a former member of the Manson family who killed pregnant actress Sharon Tate during a two-day killing spree in 1969, has died, according to a California corrections spokesman. She was 61.
Atkins died at 11:46 p.m. PT Thursday (2:46 a.m. Friday ET) at the Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla, said Terry Thornton with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.
Atkins, California's longest-serving female inmate, was suffering from terminal brain cancer. Since she entered prison in 1971, she became a born-again Christian who worked to help at-risk youth, victims of violent crimes and homeless children, among others, according to a Web site maintained by her attorney and husband, James Whitehouse. {read entire story here}

Aokigahara: Japan's Suicide Forest by Mt. Fuji (OVERVIEW)

Aokigahara is located at the base of Mt. Fuji (Japan).

Aokigahara (or sometimes referred to as "jukai" meaning "sea of trees") is the second most famous place in the world for people to commit suicie, after the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
Aokigahara became a suicide hot spot after the novel Kuroi Jukai (the black sea of trees) by Seichō Matsumoto came out where the lovers committed suicide there at the end of the novel.


Related Facts

Japan is well-known as having a very high suicide-rate due to the society (overwork, superhuman expectation, shaky economy, etc.
Common methods of suicide are jumping in front of trains, leaping off high places, hanging, or overdosing on medication.[1] Rail companies will charge the families of those who commit suicide a fee depending on the severity of disrupted traffic.[10]
A newer method, gaining in popularity partly to publicity from Internet suicide websites[2], is to use household products to make the poisonous gas hydrogen sulfide. In 2007, only 29 suicides used this gas, but in a span from January to September 2008, 867 suicides resulted from gas poisoning.[11] [more info]

There is a book in Japan called "The Complete Manual of Suicide" (1993) written by Wataru Tsurumi, which inspired the 2003 movie Suicide Manual (which had terrible reviews on Netflix.)

CNN story:

Swedish research film (English/Swedish mix but with subtitles)

^^What I disagree with in this Swedish piece was that the 2 guys foraging through the forest kept talking about it all being a "set up." Like "Oh look here we found the infamous Suicide Manual just lying here on the ground. This must be a set up!" Uh NO, you would expect that some of these people read this book and even took it with them on their "final exit." Why is that so hard to believe? And the fact there they saw articles of clothing strewn about made it unbelievable to them... what? Do you expect them to neatly fold their clothes and bury them before suiciding themselves? Get real! That kind of pissed me off. These Swedes traveled all the way to Japan and this is what they came up with? I mean..great footage, but the idiotic dialogue ruined it.

In Japanese (but worth watching for the footage):


In somewhat related news, the creator of the Japanese animated show Crayon Shinchan was found dead on a mountain (in Japan):

A body found on a mountain straddling Gunma and Nagano prefectures was confirmed Sunday as that of Yoshihito Usui, cartoonist of the popular ‘‘Crayon Shinchan’’ series adapted for TV and film. Usui’s family confirmed the identity of the body that was found by a climber on Saturday on 1,423-meter Mt Arafune, Gunma prefectural police said. The body was covered in bruises and no suicide notes were found near the body or in his belongings. Police said he may have fallen from a climbing path.

Usui, 51, had been missing since Sept 11, after telling his family at his home in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture, that he would be hiking on the mountain and would be back by the evening. His family contacted police the following day as he never returned.

Near body, police also found a broken digital camera, a backpack containing a mobile phone and a wallet, and shoes. {more}
Wow, I used to watch Shinchan when I lived in Japan and of course here on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

Friday, September 25, 2009

In Steve Hodel's New Book He Claims His Father is ALSO the Zodiac Killer!

What is with Steve Hodel? It's like he wants so badly for his father to be some infamous serial killer that he will pin any unsolved murder on him. Check out this story. At first I thought it was a joke, but I guess it's for real.  Then tell me what you think of this guy.

"Steve Hodel is not just anybody claiming his father is the Zodiac," announced a recent press release from Hodel's publicist. "He spent 24 years as a homicide detective with the L.A.P.D. with one of the highest 'solve rates' in the department."
If that's true, we humbly suggest that the LAPD check back over those cases and make sure Hodel didn't simply blame his father for all of them. He seems to enjoy doing that.
Hodel claims that his surgeon and Chronicle reporter father, Dr. George Hodel, sliced the Black Dahlia in half in 1947 (he's written another book arguing as much), and in 1946 dismembered six-year-old Suzanne Degnan in Chicago. Oh yeah, Hodel also thinks his father was the Lipstick Killer.

Although a Los Angeles County district attorney inexplicably lent credence to Hodel's previous book, Black Dahlia Avenger -- A Genius For Murder, others have noted that there's nobody who can corroborate parts of Hodel's story, and that pictures his father supposedly kept of the Black Dahlia, a.k.a. Elizabeth Short, actually look nothing like her.
Hodel's new book, Most Evil, is "a call to arms for Bay Area law enforcement to re-dedicate themselves to the Zodiac case," says Hodel's publicist. For his part, Hodel suggests that Attorney General Jerry Brown conduct the follow up investigation based on the book. He also says he has personal possession of his father's that will contain a DNA sample that will match that of the Zodiac Killer. (We've definitely heard that before...)
"The publication of Most Evil will...alter criminal history, exonerate the innocent, and change the way we think about the motives and signatures of serial killers," the press release continues. "Hodel is available for interviews immediately." {source}

I mean, I haven't read the books, but the fact that he's pinning different unsolved murders (different MOs and all) to his father is highly suspicious. I would not be shocked if his motives were purely financial. I highly doubt the Zodiac Killer and the Black Dahlia Killer are the same persons.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Funny Searches: Japanese Lady Caught

I bring to you, another hilarious search phrase someone used to land on my site. (click to enlarge picture)

I didn't know a Japanese lady was...caught last January. In a trap, I suppose...much like the Metepec creature.

Whoever you are in Brooklyn, thanks for that. That was pretty funny. I'm assuming though that you were referring to Miyuki Hatoyama.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Review for History Channel's Holy Grain in America

My ratings: 4/5 stars

The first run of this show, I had a very hard time paying attention. After the first half hour I was distracted by just about everything else: the internet, my mobile device, daydreams, etc. But worry not, on the second run of the show the same night, I gave it my undivided attention. Why did I take 1 star away? Well, it was the usual conclusion for these TV documentaries: no conclusion. But I gave it 4 stars because I learned a lot about the Kensington Runestone which I knew nothing a bout. Now I am very intrigued. And the fact that the show was able to do that deserves at least 3 stars. I liked the twists and turns the show took. First you think: Oh, this is a hoax. This guy made this thing for sure! And then using scientific and circumstantial evidence you see that it is more likely not the case. But really an old runestone that was left around the 1300s!

I am all for the theory that the Scandinavians were here before Columbus. I've always thought that theory that Christopher Columbus was the the true discoverer of America, which we were spoon-fed in elementary through high school school, was bunk.

If you missed it, I would definitely recommend watching it. I will post it here when it becomes available online!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

William Henry to be on Coast to discuss Lost Symbols of the US Capitol

I wrote a post a few days ago about the contraversy surrounding Dan Brown's new novel Lost Symbol and how he most likely took the research info from William Henry.
Want to hear what William Henry has to say about it all? Then make sure to catch him on Coast to Coast AM next Tuesday, September 22, 2009.

Investigative mythologist and author, William Henry will talk about how the U.S. Capitol was built as a type of temple to the Founding Fathers. He'lll discuss its lost symbols, and the higher wisdom that flows through the imagery
 I'd love to hear him address Dan Brown. Wonder what he will say. Will he deviate from what he said in his newsletter?

You can purchase his book Freedom's Gate here.
A few of the things you’ll learn:
• The Dome of the U.S. Capitol is a mirror image of the Vatican Dome and was thought of as a recreation of Solomon’s Temple by its builders.
• The art of the interior corridors of the Capitol mirrors Vatican art.
• Higher Wisdom flows through the Capitol’s spiritual imagery and artwork.
• The bell-shaped Capitol Dome is a stupa that creates a vortex or field of energy that extends into the world.
• The Freemasons who built the Capitol viewed it as a ‘beehive’ buzzing with energy.
• Literally, we can alter this energy field by visiting the Capitol Dome and praying or meditating inside. This will raise the frequency of the Dome and the Capitol, helping to clear out negative or harmful energies.
This is the great secret of the Founding Fathers. They left us a bell to ring in times of distress. Let Freedom’s Ring!

History Channel's Secret Societies + Holy Grail in America + Mysteryquest (Hitler's Escape)

I post this because I'm waiting to see History Channel's Holy Grail in America, but this show was on. I thought I'd post it here since it's available on the net. When Holy Grail becomes available, I will also post that, along with my review. Schedule:
Sunday, September 20 08:00 PM
Monday, September 21 12:00 AM
In 1898, a Minnesota farmer clearing trees from his field uproots a large stone covered with mysterious runes. Now known as the Kensington Rune Stone, it details a journey of land acquisition and murder--in the year 1362. Thought by some to be a hoax, new evidence suggests it could be real, and a clue that the Knights Templar discovered America 100 years before Columbus, perhaps bringing with them history's greatest treasure...The Holy Grail. See how symbols on the Rune Stone match Templar ruins all over Europe. History tells us the Templar were massacred on Friday the 13th, but that a Templar fleet allegedly containing treasure was last seen off Scotland in the late 1300s. Stones with similar markings as the Rune stone have been found on islands across the Atlantic Ocean, as well as in Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Is it possible the Templar were leaving clues to an incredible journey to the New World?
Rating: TVPG
Running Time: 120 minutes {source}

1-Hour after Holy Grail, Mysteryquest (Hitler's Escape). I guess it's like Monsterquest but less to do with cryptozoology. There have been complaints around the internet about the direction Monsterquest has taken. Schedule:
Sunday, September 20 11:00 PM
Monday, September 21 03:00 AM
Wednesday, September 23 11:00 PM
Thursday, September 24 03:00 AM

According the official public record, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his underground bunker as allied troops stormed Berlin at the end of World War II. But no one actually saw him die. No body was ever produced. No photographs were ever taken. Some believe Hitler managed to escape, and for years there were sightings of the former dictator in many parts of the world. Then, in the 1990s the Russians revealed secret evidence taken from Hitler's bunker decades earlier that they said proved he had died there. Among the evidence is a piece of skull. MysteryQuest obtained access to this evidence for testing and the results are startling.
Rating: TVPG
Running Time: 60 minutes{source}

History Channel's Ancient Aliens documentary (watch full video here)

This is not the newer 2-hour Ancient Aliens documentary History Channel put out, featuring George Noory and Erik von Daniken, rather an episode of UFO Files. Still interesting. Check it out:

You can also save this video onto your computer to watch it anytime you want. Put it on your iPod!

Starchild Skull Overview

I'll admit, I have heard of the starchild but never really knew anything about it. So I decided after listening to Lloyd Pye (ex-US special agent) on Coast to Coast AM from September 18, 2009 that I will research it to make an overview for others who want to start learning about it.

What: Human skeleton lying on back, besides it a grave containing the starchild skeleton. The human killed herself after having wrapped the starchild's hand around her arm, or so it appears.
Where: Mexico, about 100 miles southwest of Chihuahua in a mine tunnel
When: around 1930
Who: 15 year old girl found it; now owned by Ray and Melany Young (neonatal nurse) of El Paso. Both are members of MUFON.

>   The skull's bone is about half as thick as normal human bone.
>   The bone weighs about half as much as normal human bone.
>   The bone is substantially stronger than any known bone on planet Earth, with a mineral profile more like dental enamel than bone.
>   The bone was radio carbon dated to be 900 years old (+/- 40 years).
>   The skull was reportedly found in an abandoned mine tunnel in the Copper Canyon region about 100 miles SW of Chihuahua, Mexico.
>   The skull is morphologically unique, and does not match the physical profile of any known human deformity.
>   The bone of the skull contains an as yet unidentified reddish residue that had never been seen before in bone (this is not desiccated bone marrow).
>   The bone of the skull contains microscopic fibers that have never been seen before in the bone of any animal.
>   Attempts to recover DNA from the skull easily produced its mitochondrial DNA, which proved its mother was fully human. However, no nuclear DNA could be recovered using human-only primers, which strongly indicates that the skull's father was something other than a typical human.{source, go here to see pictures!}


UFO Hunters - Starchild Skull Part 1-3


What did the starchild look like?
See artist impressions on Lloyd's website. It's very much like a human-alien hybrid from what I can see.

More points I've gathered from the show and other sources:
  • The startchild is actually not a child!
  • The starchild's mother was human but the father was not, according to preliminary DNA tests.
  • The human skeleton found with the starchild was not the mother.
  • The starchild could be the child of a human/alien hybrid and a human, instead of a 100% human and a 100% alien.
  • Villagers warned the girl not to go to the mine tunnel because it is dangerous.
  • Unfortunately, the rest of the skeletons were washed away in a flood.
If you want to help out in the research, I think the best thing you can do is to buy Pye's new eBook and donate money to him. He's gone into debt over researching and pursuing this, showing me that he really believes this is something special. I honestly don't see this as any kind of a hoax.

Resource Link List:
Is the Starchild Skull really from a human-alien hybrid? 

George Noory and Lloyd Pye discussed Maussan's Metepec Creature and the Panama Sloth-thing. They both agree that Maussan's creature looks like a terrestrial creature, like a skinned monkey or perhaps even a new species, just not alien. Pye brings up a great point. He says by now we should have answers on the Metepec creature due to all the testing that's been done on it the last 2 years, which is very suspicious. There was a burst of publicity in the beginning, as there usually is, and then nothing. What new news has there been on the Metepec creature. Nothing conclusive. Sure, Maussan was on Coast last week, but still we don't have any answers.  I bet they found out that this was some kind of monkey or something and Maussan just doesn't want everyone to know. JUST TELL US! THE LONGER YOU WAIT, THE MORE YOU WILL BE HATED AND DESPISED. Seriously.
About the Panama creature, why weren't there dents and bruises on this creature if it was supposed to have been stoned to death. And I still don't know if DNA tests were done on this creature. I guess it was just left on the beach to rot and get picked apart by buzzards. I'm positive it's a sloth.