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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jared Lee Loughner - patsy?

Can one person be in two places at once? Most people will tell you: NO, not that we know of. So how is it, that according to witness testimony, Jared Lee Loughner was at multiple places doing multiple different actions during the same time? Either some of the witnesses are mistaken, or they mistook someone else as Jared Lee Loughner.

Action 1: Jared Lee Loughner stepped out of line and began gunning people down.
Action 2: Jared Lee Loughner was waiting in line with the others when a gunman came and started shooting the place up.
Action 3: Jared Lee Loughner was inside the Safeway store, putting earphones in his ears when the shooting started.
The gunman was thwarted in that effort by four unassuming people who were identified as Bill Badger, Patricia Maisch, Roger Salzgeber and Joseph Zamudio. Not one of them is willing to call himself a hero.
 Who are these people?

Witness: Patricia Miasch (61) - Miasch states that she hit the ground when she heard the shooting and that the people around her have been shot. Some men tackled Loughner and one of them told her to grab the gun. She did not. So the man told her to grab the magazine, which she did.
There is another glaring discripancy between her eyewitness accounts. In one story: "When she saw the gunman trying to reload, she made a move to grab the magazine." This is BEFORE he was tackled to the ground. In another account, the gunman was already tackled to the ground.
Why two variations of the story? How did it really happen?

Witness: Joseph Zamudio - He claims to have been in the nearby Walgreens when he heard the shots and came running to help. Strange, that some witnessed reported that the gunman actually FLED behind the Walgreens and was, apparently, not tackled to the ground.
Zamudio said the gunman was already on the ground when he reached him. "I laid on him and held him down, and made sure the gun was down," Zamudio said. 
Hmm, interesting...

Witness: Bill Badger (74) - He is a retired Army colonel. Badger claims that after he tackled Loughner, who looked like such a young kid, he asked him why in the world he would do such a thing. Loughner said nothing. This eerily reminds me of when Sirhan Sirhan was tackled.

Witness: Robert Salzgeber - 'Salzgeber was even more reticent, declining to talk to reporters who telephone him and saying the authorities had promised him his name would not be released, according to The Arizona Republic. "I'm totally stressed out about this," said Salzgeber, who was one of the top three signature collectors for Giffords petitions when she was qualifying to run for re-election in 2010. "I'm not interested in talking."'

A member at ATS called StalkingGoogle, has brought up a lot of interesting points:
The gun was only seen in Salzgeber's hand. Badger has only said he saw the gun in Salzgeber's hand. Maisch has only said she saw the gun in Salzgeber's hand. Zamudio has only said he saw the gun in Salzgeber's hand, and he also said Salzgeber said to Loughner "I'll kill you" and was waving the gun around. Three witnesses put the gun in Salzgeber's hand. Salzgeber was the bait and switch, would surely be questioned by the police when three people say he was holding the gun, waving it around and threatening to kill people. Zamudio was one of those people, and had a concealed pistol on the scene, and he talks like he's military (like his father "Colonel Bill Badger"?), so in the eyes of the police he was the "hero". 
 Note: I looked up Joseph Zamudio on Facebook and look at the very first guy on there. Army National Guard. Maybe the guy on the scene used this guys name? He doesn't look like the same guy though. It's just not such a common name.

StalkingGoogle's theory best summarized in the following post (I personally bolded the most important points):

As for why I think Zamudio was the shooter, I've already given a couple reasons. He was on the scene with a concealed firearm. So far as I know, nobody else admitted such. He's also an expert marksman, and he claimed in an interview that all his years of shooting (sp) at gun ranges prepared him for that day. If he wasn't shooting, how could years of shooting prepare him for that day? He told on himself, in other words. He also flashed a fist-under-chin at the end of one interview, with his masonic ring quite clearly shown. He also came from the precise location where witnesses reported seeing the shooter disappear, the Walgreens. Multiple witnesses and police dispatchers repeated this claim, that the shooter fled the scene around the Walgreens. How could Loughner simultaneously have fled the scene and been taken to the ground by Badger?[...] Salzgeber, the pigeon, was Badger's backup handler. Zamudio was the shooter.

Check out the similarities between Zamudio and Colonel Badger: 

I want to see the surveillance tapes from that day! And I want the trials to be taped! Why are we not even allowed to see the hearings?


Monday, November 14, 2011

22-year old co-founder of Diaspora dead -- I'm suspicious.

I was very excited when I first hear about Diaspora, which in my mind would have been a great alternative to the evil empire that is known as Big Brother, ahem, I mean Facebook which is a CIA front (most people know this by now). I dreamed of an opensource social networking type that gave its users more power. If Diaspora caught on and was easy to use, it could possibly have been a threat to Facebook considering that many people are becoming disillusioned with big government and the complete end to privacy.

Today I read that the co-founder of Diaspora, Ilya Zhitomirskiy was found dead of a probably suicide. Oh really? Why would he commit suicide?

I see 3 possibilities:
1) He legitimately committed suicide for some reason.
2) He was suicided (killed off by a rival and made to look like a suicide)
3) This one may be odd or even offensive so I apologize in advance, just bear with me: this is an elaborate publicity stunt to get Diaspora more into the national/international limelight.

Sure, the latter is unlikely but we have to consider all possibilities, right? (well, these three aren't ALL possibilities but the main ones that stand out in my mind.)
Now, I know that young adults and teens sadly kill themselves all the time. But I, being a conspiracy theorist, would like to know more about Zhitomirsky.

I am positive that I am being monitored  very closely for the things I write on this forum sometimes. I have had men (with guns on their hips) come banging on the door very late at night. Who are these goons? I have no idea. I've had guys follow me and try to run me off the road. My internet connection keeps shutting off as I'm writing this so hopefully it will be up for a minute so I can actually post this! People want to laugh at conspiracy theorists and call them crazy, but you're not paranoid if they're really following you!

Anyone have any other ideas? Please comment below on your ideas. (I doubt I'm the only one who thought this when first hearing about his death.)

My condolences to family and friends.


According to one report, Ilya's mother had not heard from him for 3 days and a friend of his broke down his door to find him dead. It is unclear if he was dead for 3 days, 2 or less. Also:
Technology news site wrote that it was deleting a report which said Zhitomirskiy had been planning to end his life and had left a detailed suicide note.
And to throw in another one of my opinions: I don't think diaspora "failed"... it didn't really even start. Speaking in film terminology, I'd say they were in production mode (sent out invites to the Beta version so new users can test for bugs and flaws of any kinds)... they've not yet reached "post-production"... ie. a super-polished version. The "alpha" version. Journalists and bloggers are writing that they somehow failed financially and they might be why he killed himself. I actually think they did a great job for a startup. They were mentioned on many well known news blogs and websites. There are thousands of anxious followers on their Facebook page. How exactly  is this a "fail"??? Zhitomirskiy even said, “There’s something deeper than making money off stuff. Being a part of creating stuff for the universe is awesome!"