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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tila Tequila's Dangerous Crusade Against the Illuminati (SUPERPOST)

I always assumed Tila Tequila was like all the other girls you see on TV who seem to be famous for nothing really important, though she is a model and musician amongst other things. So I never really paid much attention to her. But recently I learned about a bizarre episode in her life which happened only a few days ago. The 30-year-old (purportedly) suffered from a brain aneurysm in the middle of the night and, not being able to think straight, downed two bottles of prescription medication to make the pain go away. This caused more pain and she became so desperate that she started screaming out for help, broke her bedroom window and attempted to jump out before a friend, alerted by an odd ext message rushed over to save her.

Then the news reports that it was actually a suicide attempt, not a brain aneurysm.

Now before you scoff and accuse me of having gone off the deep end, think about it. Her website is down. Her Illuminati-exposing twitter posts have been deleted. You might say, well so many people post about the Illuminati and their posts don't get taken down. But these people aren't as popular or as followed as Tila. She's one of the most popular personalities on the internet. So she had the power to reach millions of people.

The following is the 1st Illuminati-exposing post from Tila's blog. We're only lucky someone archived it ((here)):
"Hello Dear Ones,

Now, before you start bashing me for thinking that I am “HATING” on Lady GaGa, let me please tell you first that I am not, nor is this post about that. I just wanted to bring light to something that I have known for a VERY long time. Maybe some of you remember me going on about an hour tweeting about these “secrets” that I know of, a long time ago on my old Twitter account. A lot of people knew what I was talking about and was in awe or shocked that I knew so much about it. Other’s who don’t know much about it just thought I was talking “crazy” and “nonsense.” However I feel as though it is my duty to start bringing to light the truth behind what is going on in our world today. So unless you have an open mind, then I digress for you to not continue reading my post. However if you indeed DO have an open mind, or know of these “HINTS” I am dropping to you, then please continue reading. Just letting you guys know, that I will start posting more and more about this, in bits and pieces, as I don’t want to come out and straight up say the whole thing. But if you follow my posts about this, you shall understand my subliminal message that I want to send you, so you can understand what is happening to you and what “THEY” are doing to you.

Ok first of all, do you guys notice how lately, music video’s have a VERY DARK AND SATANIC vibe to them?? For instance a few years ago, pop music video’s were fun, sexy, cute etc. Sorta like when Britney Spears was at the peak of her career and had fresh pop music video’s like “Stronger” or “I’m a Slave For You” “Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know” etc. You get my point. Compare music video’s from back then until just now. VERY RECENTLY in the past few years. ESPECIALLY once Lady GaGa stepped on the scene, all the music video’s has turned very DARK & SATANIC! I am not joking.
Even Beyonce is now in on it. I don’t want to tell you all of what I know, RIGHT NOW, because “THEY” are watching. As a matter of fact, I had a HUGE battle with “THE OTHERS” for a long time and I must admit, they are powerful. But there needs to be someone, anyone, to stand up against them and for our world to be restored back into peace and harmony once again.
Hmmm… How can I put this. Well, all of Lady Gaga’s Video, even Beyonce’s new video, and XTINA, Miley Cyrus. They all are all of a sudden very DARK & SATANIC! There are TONS of hidden messages in the video and symbols that prove that they worship satan. Please don’t take this as a joke. It is not and it is serious. The Government even now has a way to send out frequencies on your TV that you cannot hear, yet it highly affects your brain and mixed in with all the visuals from the music video’s, you become hypnotized without you even realizing this. That sounds crazy right? Well it is true. I have been studying about this for the past 7 years now and kept quiet about it for a long time, except when I chat with other groups of people I know that also know about “THE OTHERS” if I told you the ENTIRE THING, it will really blow your mind away, but I feel it is SO IMPORTANT for people to know what is happening to them."

"This all leads to the urgency of what the Government knows about the 2012 theory of the World Ending. It’s not exactly what you think. There is a lot more to it, I wish I could tell you, but like I said, I will post more blogs to hint to you little by little of what I know and who I have come in contact with to find out even MORE stuff about this. There has been something going on that set off the “RED ALERT” “URGENCY” signal, so that’s why all the pop music video’s are becoming more and more satanic and the artists involved are joined in with “THE OTHERS” so they know what they are doing. Have you guys heard the term “SELL YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL” and you get whatever you want? Well that’s actually true, however the “DEVIL” is real. Rihana, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, XTINA, Miley Cyrus, and yes even Taylor Swift amongst hundreds of others who are apart of this allegiance. It’s all “HUSH HUSH” but I know about it, and I know maybe some of you guys know about it as well. I won’t say it, like I did on my Twitter back then, cuz when I did, all of a sudden Twitter blocked my tweets so no one could see them, and Myspace was also blocking all of my bulletins about this stuff. CRAZY right?"

"Anyway, the reason behind them doing this with the urgency of the music video’s is because they NEED to turn your brain to mush, so that you just become a vegetable, a robot, a zombie, under their command and not realize it. Have you guys seen the the movie “EYES WIDE SHUT?” well it is VERY SIMILAR TO THAT as well as the movie “DEVIL’s ADVOCATE” I’m telling you, this goes way far and beyond just “ENTERTAINMENT” there’s a lot of fucked up shit going on right now behind the scenes, and conspiracy theories and leading up to the world ending. You would be SHOCKED if I told you which celebrities has the same bloodline as the “DEVIL” God I wish I could tell you more. But for now, i will stop and continue another time.
Just keep in mind next time you see all of these music video’s, if you watch it too much, you too, will be infected and become a zombie, a slave to the GOVERNMENT, without you even realizing it. As for Lady GaGa, she has the MOST SATANIC MESSAGES in her video’s. They used her and use her “MUSIC” and say it’s “ART” but really, its to mindfuck you. Like her new “Alajandro” music video. My god, I couldn’t even BEGIN to point out SO MANY SYMBOLIC SIGNS OF DEVIL WORSHIPPING AND SYMBOLS THAT LINK BACK TO THE “OTHERS”.
I for one, was sent on earth from GOD. To be one of his ANGELS to try to help this world that is half light, and half dark. There is right now a crucial War between good and bad. I am on the GOOD side, and that is why they are always trying to get me. Anyway, there’s more I have to tell you about the frequencies they are sending out via your TV, your cellphones and many more that sends radio waves into your brain to start turning you all into zombies and enslaved under “THE OTHERS”
Now I was hesitant to write this blog as I know they are forever watching and are very POWERFUL. But I feel as a HUMAN BEING, people have a RIGHT to know what is happening to them and I am here, God sent me here, to fight this War against the Darkness and these people who practice Satanic Rituals, that is now being shown on our TV for even CHILDREN to watch! I mean, Lady GaGa hung herself at one of the music video awards with blood dripping everywhere! Now on her new “ALEJANDRO” cover there is a devil-like man carrying her naked, lifeless body, with a HUGE SLIT on the side of her and blood. Yet people think that’s ok just because it’s “ART?” no.
Ok well if you guys are interested, i will tell you more. This is just the first level, i can take you deep, deep, deep into this and teach you so much more about the crazy mad shit that has been going on, and who is in alliance with who. You would be SHOCKED to know. But just know, they “THEY” have been lying to you guys for a VERY LONG TIME!
I gotta go now, don’t wanna cause too much commotion about this before they come and do me wrong again. I will tell you one day how they did me wrong because I knew stuff about them. MAJOR stuff about them and once they found out that I knew, the did some fucked up shit. They own the majority of the media. They can do and say whatever they want, Anyway, enough for now….
As for my fans/haters, who don’t understand what I’m talking about, please disregard this post. But for the people who DO KNOW what I’m speaking of, I will continue to write more blogs like this one but each blog I will leave more and more subliminal messages so that you know more of what I know……

Scary shit,

Forever Yours,

Miss Tila, Angel of GOD."

Tila's 2nd Post (very long):

"Here we are again. The Chapter 2 Blog that so many of you have been waiting for! I fear not to write about it so much everyday because I don’t want to cause too much commotion. I want to slowly leak very dark, secrets, What “THE OTHERS” have been hiding from you for SO LONG!!!! Each week I will write more and more of this topic as to not get me in trouble because they are POWERFUL and made a deal with THE DEVIL! So before I move along for the people who already know or have been keeping up with my writings about this evil that “THE OTHERS” are hiding from you, NEWBIES Go ahead and read CHAPTER 1 THAT I WROTE ABOUT LAST WEEK HERE, and then come back after you’re done reading that part to read Chapter 2 of what I have to say about all of this scary shit going on behind our backs! I am here to try to open the eyes of those who are blinded by what is happening to them. A lot of you know about this and ever since I finally spoke out about it, more and more of you are standing up against “THE OTHERS” in this WAR against GOOD and EVIL! Yes, we all know that I am risking myself by talking about something SO EVIL AND POWERFUL, but I would rather die knowing I did something noble or at least TRIED to do something that will help open up the eyes of those who have been blinded all of these years by “THE OTHER’S” LYING TO YOU, BRAINWASHING YOU, CONTROLLING YOU, that all leads up to the end of mankind as we know it. We will all eventually be brainless slaves to the Government so they can start the “NEW WORLD ORDER” that is coming. There is NO way around it. THERE IS NO DENYING THAT THIS IS COMING, and the sad part is, if you don’t care to know about these things they are doing to YOU and the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE, then you are sadly ALREADY a zombie under their spell.


The Symbols are EVERYWHERE! They speak to each other by throwing around these symbols to let each other know that “YES, I AM IN THE CULT” yet they think it’s a secret that the PEOPLE don’t know about, and sadly, most of us don’t, until someone with a voice who isn’t AFRAID finally steps forward and open people’s eyes! For instance: Check out this MTV COMMERCIAL. THIS IS THE MAIN SYMBOL OF THE “ILLUMINATI” WHY THE f**k WOULD THEY HAVE THIS ON THEIR COMMERCIAL??? UHHH HUH!

MTV Illuminati Commercial

However I shall continue writing about this serious subject matter because THE PEOPLE HAS THE RIGHT TO KNOW THE TRUTH AND ALL OF THE TRUTH!!!! My Question is: ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THE TRUTH???

Again, for the brainwashed, zombies that the Government already got, I can only pray for your souls, as you are already infected and they have now control over your brain, hence so much violence and hatred going on. You don’t realize? They had the internet already discovered back in the 1800′s!!!! They have SO MUCH HIGH TECH STUFF that they have been hiding from us for centuries!!!! Yet, you sit there, not educate yourselves on what’s going on, and become just another zombie slave under “THE OTHER;S” controll over you!!! However I still have HOPE that there are still MILLIONS of people out there who know about this “CULT” that has been around since the beginning of time.


For instance, At first I was hesitant to post and speak out about it, and expose all of the Devil Worshipers, a lot of them, who are sadly your idols. They signed a deal with the Devil and sadly, you guys fell for it, Let me start breaking it down to you deeper without going TOO DEEP, as to not cause too much influence and commotion, oh cuz you best believe they will find ways to blacklist me and shut me out. As a matter of fact, There is a certain HUUUUUUUUUGE “celebrity gossip blog” that has already put me on their “BLACKLIST” I know this because my friend works at their office. I won’t say which site but to give you a hint, this gossip site also has their own TV show and you know what’s f**ked up? The big boss at that company had a group meeting and he was telling them that things are gonna start changing around the office because he has joined forces with the “NEW WORLD ORDER!” WTF! I A DEAD SERIOUS! ”THE OTHERS” OWN MAJORITY OF THE MEDIA, THE PRESS, THEY ARE ALL IN ALLIANCE WITH EACH OTHER! SO anything they want to put out, they can! It’s called PROPAGANDA! The more you read about “THEIR NEWS” the more you start to believe them, since hey “IT’S THE NEWS RIGHT?” WRONG!!!! There are so few of us left who can fight this war against them because what they are doing to us is against our own will and it pisses me off to have to watch all of these SATANIC, PORNOGRAPHIC, SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES, ALL WHILE HINTING OF CHILD SEX SLAVE IN ALL OF OUR MUSIC VIDEO’S TODAY!! ANd yes, THERE ARE FREQUENCIES SENT OUT WHILE YOU WATCH THESE SATANIC VIDEO’s MIXED IN WITH THOSE VISUALS, U WATCH THEM ENOUGH, YOU BRAIN WILL BE TURNED TO MUSH AND VIOLENCE!


You know who I am talking about… If not, then you’re screwed. For instance, any regular human being can know SO MUCH about the stuff that I am speaking of, but without a HUGE INFLUENCE OR VOICE, It won’t get you anywhere, so the “OTHER’S” won’t be threatened by you! With me however, A LOT of people DO KNOW me and I DO have influence. Just think of all the artists back in our time that worked for the GOOD and who were ALWAYS speaking out about “THE OTHERS” what happened to them today? They all got killed. John Lennon, Michael Jackson, JFK, Tupac and the list goes on. What is sad to me is that no big celebrities want to talk about this. There are 2 reasons:

1) They are afraid

2) They are part of the Satanic allegiance.


Right now I can honestly tell you a gripfull of people who have signed their soul away to the devil: Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Xtina Taylor Swift, Nichole from PussyCatDolls, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and the list goes on and on and on. For those of you who are fans of these people, I am sorry, you don’t have to believe me, but it is TRUE! Hell, I am a fan of some of these artists music as well, however, the way they sold their sold to the “DEVIL” just to become extremely famous, wealth, money, etc is not something that GOD put me on this earth for! Trust me, there came a time where I too, was offered to join “THE OTHERS” but I felt like I had a bigger role to play here. All the money, fame, and all that is not WORTH MY SOUL! I AM NOT NOR WILL I EVER BE A SELL OUT TO GOD!!!! IF I had made that deal with “THE OTHERS” a long time ago when they approached me, ohhhh you best believe that my music would be massive, more tv shows, more money and fame! But right now, I am happy where I am because I am cleansed of the selling my soul to the DEVIL just for money, power and FAME, when GOD was the one who brought you here. Those people SOLD OUT on GOD!

They KILLED MJ, then made his posters with again, hidden SATANIC SYMBOLS IN IT! f**kED UP!

OK that is enough for Chapter 2 for today. Each chapter I will go further into it. So right now I will explain to you what’s going on. “THE OTHERS” I speak of is the “ILUMINATI” and Free Masons. This goes back waaaaaaaaaaay back from the beginning of time. Also where the bloodline starts, and up til this day, you would be SHOCKED to know who is in the same bloodline and cousins as who. For instance, Obama and George bush are actually in the same bloodline, as well as Prince Charles, Brad Pitt……….. shit I better stop now before I get shut down. Ok so I will stop. Chapter 3 I will tell you more. For now, see for yourself. Like I said, I have been studying and following this for 7 years now. The reason why I am speaking out now? Cuz they have sent off a “RED ALERT” that means they know something about the world ending and staring a ONE WORLD ORDER! Soon there will not be anymore “CASH” everything will be made of chips. Chips in your passport, chips will have to be injected in ALL OF THE BABIES BORN IN THE FUTURE! SO they will ALWAYS KNOW WHERE YOU ARE, WHAT YOU ARE DOING! AHhhhhh! Scary shit! I know SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH MORE I WANT TO TELL YOU, but for now, let’s stop. I will continue in chapter 3. Please everyone. Set aside our differences. This is not about “HATERS” or anything. THIS IS TO HELP YOU OPEN YOUR EYES AS TO WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO YOU AND YOU DON’T EVEN REALIZE IT! ANyone who leaves comments here and take this as a joke or that I’m “CRAZY” well may God Bless you, because that is EXACTLY what “THE OTHERS” are trying to make you percieve me as so that anything I say that is powerful or the TRUTH, the PEOPLE can just brush me off as “OH SHE IS CRAZY, SHE’S NOT TELLING THE TRUTH SO LET’S JUST DISGREGARD HER!”


Oh yea, I know these things. I am actually a really intelligent woman, THEY own the media, so THEY always report on me and through propoganda, they start to brainwash you into thinking I am not credible so that you won’t believe the truth I tell you about them. Yep. That is their cover up with me. However I KNOW in my heart, that there are still people out there with an open mind and good heart and live for the GOOD and for GOD and saving our country! I will tell you more in Chapter 3. For now, here is an interesting video you guys can watch if you don’t believe me. Remember, PROPAGANDA IS A BITCH! JUST LISTEN TO YOUR HEART TO FIND THE TRUTH BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE GOD LIES WITHIN YOU! GOD BLESS!




Tila's Tweets (which were taken down):
Maybe one day I will change subject and school you all about the Egyptians and also how there was a 6th Kingdom that history concealed.

about 4 hours ago from web
Last rant: If you protest against the GOV...theyll put you in jail and charge you for being Anti-American, when really, you had the right to

about 5 hours ago from web
One World Order isn't too far away folks. Everything happening now is part of the big plan. They're gonna start putting micro-chips in you.

about 5 hours ago from web
The last president spent 12 billion dollars a MONTH of OUR TAX DOLLARS to fight a war. That money coulda saved our whole country instead.

about 5 hours ago from web
And people have actually forgotten that in the Amendment, THE PEOPLE, have power to overturn the GOV, to which they are about to scrape that

about 5 hours ago from web
They also like to instill "FEAR" into the country, because the more "FEAR" you are in, the more likely they can control you with more laws.

about 5 hours ago from web
They put in you jail for not payin taxes because they KNOW that u don't know the truth and wont be able to afford a lawyer to defend u.

about 5 hours ago from web
Trust me, paying taxes is not IN THE LAW! People just abide to it cuz they think it's the law. But there are NO documents stating its a law!

about 6 hours ago from web
oh and dont let me tell u about TAXES! Did you know that it is NOT a law that you HAVE TO PAY TAXES? Wow..hold up..droppin 2 much knowledge.

about 6 hours ago from web
Just like the Electric Car that was invented. It runs faster than most cars, no gas needed, quiet, but GOV. axed it cuz gas no longer needed

about 6 hours ago from web
U wanna know more truth? Some form of electric free generator had enough power to light up an entire city. They Axed it cuz it would be free

about 6 hours ago from web

The GOV. and PRES is actually NOT highest rank.
It is the people in the FEDERAL RESERVE.
They run everything.
The Masons. Ok im really dead

about 6 hours ago from web
Did you know that the "internet" was actually invented centuries ago? But only the GOV. had use of it until they decided to go public.

about 6 hours ago from web
Y do u think CNN and news stations covered Paris Hilton goin 2 jail? they were tryin 2 distract country from bein angry at BUSH 4 goin 2 war

about 6 hours ago from web
And don't let me get started on CHURCH GROUPS and RELIGION....another Government conspiracy connected to

the Federal Reserve.

Ok im dead

about 6 hours ago from web
I can't stand ignorant people...but it's not their fault cuz school systems SUCK anyway. They haven't updated textbooks from the 50s!!!!!

about 6 hours ago from web
They also have a cure for AIDS and CANCER, but if they put out the cure, BILLIONS of dollars will be lost in the pharmaceutical industry.

about 6 hours ago from web
Oh and dont let me get started on our "#ty economy" and how that is slightly part of the plan.....I'll stop now before I get in trouble.

about 6 hours ago from web
John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Martin Luther King, Malcom X just to name a few...influential or knew the truth. Killed by Government.

about 6 hours ago from web
Sooooo I'm just gonna stick to this "fun-loving carefree and harmless, non-activist, non-extremist" type person and keept it simple. =)

about 7 hours ago from web
Or even worse.....they would Kill me. Yes....the GOV would find a way to KILL me, if my voice becomes too powerful in unveiling the truth.

about 7 hours ago from web
I wish I could tell you more about the stuff I know....but I guarantee you, someway, somehow, the Gov. will delete or block my blogs 4 truth

about 7 hours ago from web
A lot of U sound surprised that I know a lot about this stuff. This is the other side of Tila that I dont share w/the world. The SMART side.

about 7 hours ago from web
Although I DO have a very strange feeling that secretly, the Government is already doing that on a subtle level. Its all #ed up!

about 7 hours ago from web
Let's PRAY they dont start doing that in AMERICA! Imagine doin a google search for something and nothing comes up but butterflies N unicorns

about 7 hours ago from web
Holy "BlackBriar," Adjustment Bureau, and 3 Days on the Condor Batman!

Remember, the easiest way to discredit someone is to make them seem completely crazy. Also, how convenient if someone is a drug addict or really is mentally ill in some form! Just like what happened with Marilyn Monroe. She was manic depressive and abused barbiturates so it was easy to murder her and make it look like a suicide.  (Marilyn Monroe was MURDERED!)
Hope we find out what's going on with Tila soon.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Contact of the Extraterrestrial and Ultraterrestrial Kind (article)

by Philip J. Imbrogno

You hear about it all the time; it's becoming a part of the human experience in the 21st century. It�s not a fashion, a new video game, a fast food, or a high tech cell phone. This new fad is people claiming contact with an alien intelligence.
Although it may seem that I am making light of this experience, this is not the case. Paranormal experiences, especially those that involve psychic contact or physical abduction by an alleged unknown alien race, are on the rise.
One of the most common types of contact is people who claim to be in psychic communication with a wiser, older "alien" race. These people have small to moderate gatherings and channel spiritual teachings from what they say is some alien brotherhood on the other side or in another galaxy. Over the years I have attended many of these channeling sessions, many more than I care to remember. In most cases the individual channels information that originates from "our space brothers."
During one of these "space brothers" sessions with a middle aged man who channeled a being called Soltar, I apparently got out of line and asked, "Are there no space sisters?" I was not ready to accept that the universe was male-dominated. Although the channel did not answer my question, it did stir laughter in the audience; many of the female attendees clapped their hands or yelled out "right on." As a result, I was asked to leave and was never invited back. However, what was nice of them is they returned my admission fee; that was fine with me, since I put the $150 fee to better use: Starbucks and gas in my car for the week.
The number of men and women who claim to channel "from a higher source" is growing, and hundreds (if not thousands) can be found in just the United States and Canada alone. In the past fifteen years, I have investigated many of these claims and attended dozens of channeling sessions. In over ninety-seven percent of all of these cases I was convinced that the person was in contact with nothing more than their own imagination. And the other three percent? Although they only represent a small fraction of the total number of channels I have investigated, they did convince me that something very unusual was going on.
In these rare cases the channels were able to produce technical diagrams, music, symbols, and an unknown language. There were no long-winded messages about the space brothers or spiritual teachings. These people did not have an audience, nor did they charge an admission fee to hear them channel. For the most part, they did not understand what was happening to them and wanted no publicity or attention at all. Quite a few just wanted things to return to normal so that they could go on with their lives in a normal way.
In one case, a night watchman who had no training as an engineer or artist produced thirty-two color diagrams of technical devices that the scientists of today are just beginning to understand. The diagrams are in full color and look like they were done by a master draftsman. They have to be seen to be believed. This individual claimed that a higher order of ascended beings contacted him through telepathy and instructed him to produce the diagrams, saying that one day they would benefit the human race.
In another case the individual was able to channel an unknown language that is much more than gibberish. An analysis of the script by a number of linguistic experts have proven that it is a real language similar to Sumerian, but with over 250 characters. Over the past twenty-five years I have been working on these symbols and believe I have actually been able to translate about thirty percent of the material.
So what about alien abductions? A well-known psychologist who has been an associate of mine over the years told me that he believes the alien abduction phenomenon is a psychosis of modern times. This person, who specializes in providing therapy for traumatic experiences, said,
"It is my opinion from studying the many cases you have given me that the alien abduction thing is nothing more than people trying to escape the reality of a troubled life. In many cases they use the alien abduction story so that they will not be accountable for responsibilities in everyday life."
Although I agree that some of his conclusions are true and right on target, they do not apply to all cases. Yes, I have investigated quite a number of cases in which the claim of an alien abduction was imaginary. However, there are also a number of cases where it is my opinion the person related what they considered to be a real experience.
In one case a number of campers observed a strange object descend from the sky and hover above a stand of trees not far from their camp site around two a.m. Armed with only flashlights and a binocular, they went to investigate, sure in their mind that it was some type of military helicopter. However, what puzzled them was that the object had so many bright color lights and made no noise.
As they approached the location where the UFO was located they noticed a number of small beings under the object illuminated by a beam of white light. As they watched with binoculars from what they considered to be a safe distance, they got a good look at the little men and were shocked to see that they were not human. Then, without warning, they were hit by a beam of light that knocked all three men to the ground and left them in a state of partial paralysis.
The next thing they were aware of was about a dozen or so of the creatures were all around them, and they were being carried them to the direction of what they now knew was some type of ship.
The oldest member of the three had the greatest recollection; he said,
"The creatures were very small; I would say less than four feet in height. They were very slim with gray skin, large heads, and black, round eyes. I'm not sure, but to me some seemed to have slanted eyes."
As they approach the beam of light under the ship they were "transported" into an opening on the bottom. When this took place he heard a whooshing sound. He then found himself on a black table in an oval room. He noticed that his two other friends were alongside him on separate tables, though they seemed unconscious. He also saw at least ten other tables in the room and people, both men and women, laying on them apparently also unable to move. Some were awake while others seemed sleeping. He tried to get up, but could not move; it was as if some type of powerful magnetic force was holding him down.
The room was faintly lit by a grayish-white, light and it was difficult to see the walls or if there was a doorway. Out of the darkness an uncertain number of the beings emerged. Some went to the other tables and appeared to be scanning the bodies of the people on them with some type of device.
One of the "aliens" then walked toward him; he started to panic. The "alien" positioned itself close to the left side of his table and spoke to him in English, saying,
"Do not be frightened; we will not harm you or the others. We are sorry that you did not sleep, but another race, other than ours, placed a device in you that prevented this. When we release you, you will remember this time, but your friends and the others will not."
The "alien" then told him that it would be too dangerous to remove the "device" in his head; they would not try to since doing so might cause his death. He described this creature as being tall, almost six feet, and very slim, with a large oval head and grayish-white skin. He was wearing a skin-tight black uniform and had very long fingers. It was quite different in appearance than the smaller "aliens" that had carried them to the beam of light.
The tall alien then waved a device over his head; when he opened his eyes it was daylight and they were all back at the campsite. His comrades had no recollection of the abduction experience. The last thing they remembered was seeing the small creatures under the object.
This case was followed up by my psychological consultant. After interviewing the three men in detail, the conclusion of the doctor was that there was indeed the sighting of an object that they could not identify. He felt that perhaps it was a helicopter or blimp, since before the sighting all three men were engaged in stories of alien creatures and UFO sightings that had been seen in the past at the location they were in. It was the opinion of the psychologist that the "abduction by aliens" was a dream or imaginary account that was triggered by the sighting and the UFO stories being told around the campfire. The psychologist also thought that the alien abduction experience was then transferred by the older one to the two younger men, who in his opinion were "young and impressionable."
It was difficult for me to believe that the entire experience was nothing more than a dream resulting from seeing strange lights in the sky. The details that the main witness was able to give me in an interview were much too precise. Despite a number of sessions he never wavered from the facts in his story and never embellished it. Also, although the other two men do not remember being taken aboard the ship by the "aliens," they do remember watching a number of "little men working" in the beam of light that was projected downward from a very large object, which hovered above the trees without a sound.
Although this case took place several years ago, today all three witnesses do not want to discuss the incident that took place and shy away from any type of publicity or media presentations of the UFO phenomena. This case remains unsolved in my files. It is one of the many cases in which I believe that people who are very credible had an incredible experience that took them to the edge of what we consider reality.
The contact experience is not limited to the UFO or channeling phenomena. In the past ten years an increasing number of people claim to have been visited by dark humanoid figures that enter their bedroom in the middle of night. The dark phantoms are seen entering the room and sometimes, when the witness wakes up, observed standing at the foot of the bed as if observing. Paranormal investigators have called these nighttime visitations "shadow people." I believe they are entities from a nearby dimension that are observing selected human beings, the purpose being unknown.
It is clear that a percentage of these non-human contacts are not extraterrestrial, but ultraterrestrial in origin. If we were dealing with only a handful of claims, then we could dismiss them as the result of an overactive imagination. But, the case numbers are increasing at an alarming rate as more and more people are claiming some type of contact with a non-human intelligence that is not a part of our reality.
It has been my experience that only about two to five percent of all people having this type of paranormal experience ever report it. Most are afraid that others might think them crazy. Some feel that the visiting or abducting entity does not want others to know about the encounter. The witness feels strongly that if they violate this code of silence the being might come back to harm them. The disturbing thing about this is I do have cases in my files where the entity did return after the encounter was reported and physically attacked the witness; perhaps these fears are well justified.
For the first time in over twenty years, my case files on the contact experience is being released to the public. My new book, Ultraterrestrial Contact: A Paranormal Investigator's Exploration Into The Hidden Abduction Epidemic, documents this experience.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mac Tonnies & the Cryptoterrestrials (an overview)

So many unanswered questions:
Aleister Crowley's drawing of Lam (c. 1917)
Do we share this earth with non-human entities? Are abductees actually being abducted by non-human terrestrial entities as opposed to extraterrestrials? How do they hide themselves so well? Where did they originate? Are they spirit or solid? Do they use disguises and if so, what disguises to they use? Are they one "race" of being or are there different species of cryptoterrestrials? Are they benevolent, malevolent, or both?

*My personal views on cryptoterrestrials is that it IS possible for them to exist. Some people would say that because we humans are here on earth, we would be able to freely witness cryptoterrestrials. But they don't seem to understand how VAST this earth is. How much of the oceans have not been explored or seen by human eyes? How much of the lands have never been traveled? There's ample space for an unknown entity to live, survive and even thrive! Look at the Bigfoot phenomenon. Maybe Bigfoots are cryptoterrestrials? Though, I tend to see Bigfoots as closely related to apes (or maybe even humans). I add "maybe even human" because I don't believe we all "evolved" from apes.
As an abductee who has been taken both to outer space and underground, I believe strongly that there are non-human entities on (or in) this very planet we occupy.
Now as to the question of their purpose and temper/characteristics, I am torn between good and evil. People scoff at the new age-y folk who say the aliens are here to save humans from some sort of catastrophe but I ask: why not? So many people can believe that someone named Jesus died on the cross to SAVE humanity from their sins (or any other religious or mythological ideas). The same people poo-poo the idea of aliens coming to save us. On the flip side, there is something very nefarious about ETs abducting humans against their wills and performing invasive procedures on their bodies. Essentially it is a rape or molestation of the human body and mind. It's really interesting the polarity of people with alien encounters. Some say they were abducted (as I say) and others call themselves "experiencers."

Researcher & Author Mac Tonnies
Mac Tonnies died at the age of 34 of a cardiac arrhythmia (so young!) The term cryptoterrestrial is attributed to him but he admits on the Coast to Coast AM show (below) that it was actually coined by someone on his forum.
Tonnies appeared on Coast to Coast AM a month before his untimely death in October 2009.

Coast to Coast AM show with guest Mac Tonnies (Part 1-3)

Mac Tonnie's Books
  1. The Cryptoterrestrials: A Meditation on Indigenous Humanoids and the Aliens Among Us
  2. After the Martian Apocalypse: Extraterrestrial Artifacts and the Case for Mars Exploration


What do you know about cryptoterrestrials? What would you like to know about cryptoterrestrials? Have you ever seen one or even interacted with one? Please comment below and share your views.