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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Double SyFy Review: Destination Truth and Haunted Highway

Destination Truth 

(2 episodes)

Of course Josh and Ryder are front and center. I don't see a problem with that but I noticed Ryder is more up front this season. That's where all the comedy is. I do enjoy that.

There are some new cast members and I have some thoughts on that:
Not to pick on a fellow half-Japanese person, but Katy Murakami seems pretty useless except to help carry gear. She hasn't really shown any knowledge about cryptozoology or the paranormal but according to her profile she has a film degree (as do I, can I join the cast?! lol) and is athletic (ex All-American field hockey player). I might seem like I'm picking on her but they do show her on-screen quite a bit and leave the other cast members silent and in the background... so I think it's fair. She was a producer for America's Next Top Model... yeah, sounds relevant.

Richie Fung is the team's medic. So he's very valuable (as we saw in the second episode when Evan started bleeding out of his ear!) Also, I noticed he's very alert (as they all should be) and seems genuinely interested in the investigation and not just "along for the ride" so to speak.

I enjoyed the second episode much more than the first. Evan (cameraman) returned to revisit the Romanian haunted forest clearing and was again assaulted.

Problem: (1) The newbies could impede the investigation. Richie and Katy heard something in the forest and believed it to be slowly stalking them... so what did they do? They started running, in the dark forest. Yeah... I think the best (safer) thing to have done was to back away slowly. But Josh and Ryder have their faults too. Like being a few feet away from one another and screaming at the top of their lungs to communicate. This was after they got a good FLIR image of what looked like a bipedal creature... so they decide to chase it across the river. And they start yelling back and forth. Nothing serious. This was even before Josh fell into the river. No need to yell and scare off the creature any more.
(2) Like with many of these crypto-paranormal adventure shows... there's just not enough time to show a decent full investigation. They've got approximately an hour of air time per episode. I think the heart of the problem is the length of the actual investigation isn't long enough. They should dedicate more time (days) per investigation for a better chance of capturing and gathering evidence. But this is television, so everything's fast, fast, fast. Another fix would be to show one investigation over two episodes. For the producers, this would help build up a regular viewership (stay tuned for the next episode--the intrigue!) and you could show more evidence and have more time to focus. As it is now, you get evidence and dedicate maybe 2 minutes of the show discussing each piece of the puzzle in the end.
I think they are also catering to our sad state of short attention spans. They give what people can handle which is: BAM BAM BAM, GOOD-BYE!

Conclusion: I would like to get to know the other team members and see them a little more. At the end of the episode, I didn't even know everyone's name. That's not right.
And I know this is listed as a travel, comedy, adventure show so it's not to be taken to seriously. I just wish there were more serious investigation shows that don't put entertainment value above fact gathering and truth seeking.
But yes, it's just TV and it is extremely interesting so....


Haunted Highway

Cast: Jael & Devon from Fact or Fake + Jack Osbourne and Dana Workman*

Honestly, I didn't even know about this show until I was watching Destination Truth earlier and saw the commercials running.

Pros: Jael & Devon make a great team and I couldn't help notice that, although I was expecting another Fact or Faked, this show had a distinctive feel to it. I really enjoyed their Tall Man investigations. They did a more thorough investigation in town talking to people than the other two did with their single witness.

Cons: Jack and Dana seem utterly unqualified to be on the show. The only good thing I saw from this pair was Jack's thinking of the peripheral cameras. That's it. Dana contributed nothing of value to the investigation except... being scared and screaming. Even Jack asks her "what are you doing!? I'm right here!" Oh...woops. I mean really. Pay attention to your surroundings! Screaming because Jack is walking towards her? Ridiculous. 

Conclusion: Jael & Devon should have the full hour for themselves. I find the other two annoying to watch. They shouldn't be on the show. I think these two are on the show simply for name recognition and widening to viewing audience. I think the Jael/Devon investigation is much better than what you see on Fact or Faked (trying to jam so many experiments into half an episode and then concluding something is faked because they were able to duplicate it.)

*Dana Workman... yeah, I was like who the heck is this? well here's her profile on SyFy:
Dana Workman has been covering sports and events and conducting interviews across a wide variety of topics and professions for several years.   An entertainer at heart, she has spent time both in front of and behind the camera doing triple duty, hosting, reporting and producing.  She has produced a wide array of stories in Macau, Dublin, London, Punta Cana, Vegas and San Francisco.  Her investigative savy and charming on-camera persona make her the ideal candidate to complete first-person investigations of the most frightening claims of paranormal activity along America's remote back roads on Syfy's Haunted Highway
 Ideal candidate? I don't know how that conclusion was reached from her resume. And from her performance on tonight's show, I would say they got that wrong. But I will continue to watch. I'm not hoping they fail. I'd much rather be entertained with a good show than find fault with it. But like I said, from what I witnesses, Jael and Devon's got the other two beat.

GRADE: I really wish I could separate this episode by teams. If I did, I would actually give Jael/Devon an A and Jack/Dana a D. So I guess the average would be a C+ or B-.

So if the producer is reading this... please consider this review!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lee Hazeldean, real name Ben Fellows & Olympic 2012 Conspiracies

Will the 2012 London Olympics be the next September 11th?
Some say... yes.

A fellow going by the name Lee Hazeldean (or Hazledean?) called the Alex Jones show claiming to have been hired for G4S London 2012 Olympics Security. He has later come out as "journalist" Ben Fellows due to fears for his safety. (Some people don't understand the concept of coming out in public when they feel threatened. Let me try to explain: if he stayed anonymous under the name of Lee Hazledean, he could have been kidnapped of worse and the public would never know about it. But now we have his real name and a face to go along with it. It's a kind of insurance.)

Moving on... I've not heard of him but found his Youtube channel (linked below). It seems to be the body of his work. It doesn't look like much but I did manage to find this article about him.

He moved into film-making in his late teens and was mentored by the late Stanley Kubrick and more recently Mike Leigh as well as winning a Channel 4 scholarship to attend film school.

People are labeling him a whistle blower but how do we know what he says is true? What shred of evidence have we been given? He could just as easily be a disinfo agent. All we have to go on is his word. Couldn't this easily be a scheme of his to get his name out there and get more people to see his film and maybe make money?

Who else from G4S has come forward as a "whistle blower"? I've not run across any yet. Just this Ben Fellows guy.

Please look through these videos. I attempted to list these chronologically so you can watch it in order to get a feel of how this unfolded:

June 28

June 30

July 2

Here are some of the possible scenarios for the 2012 Olympics:
  • Everything goes smoothly, making the conspiracy theorists look like loons.
  • A false flag terror attack (bio-weapons, fake bio-weapons, bombs, etc.) allowing us to point fingers at certain groups/countries.
  • An actual (non-governmental) terrorist attack meaning there was no actual conspiracy.
  • "Aliens" make contact. (Yes, some have proposed this theory but I think if this happened people will think it's just part of the show though)

Also, Rik Clay, a conspiracy theorist who committed suicide, had a long in-depth interview with Red ice Creations pointing to something happening during the 2012 Olympics. See it here:

Fellow's Youtube Channel
The Greenwhich Village Massacre (his full length movie)

Something Fishy About the July 9, 2012 Internet Killing Virus

When I first heard of this DNSchanger that can "kill" your internet connection on June 9, 2012 (tomorrow) I was suspicious. And of course, I wasn't the only one.

Stupidly I used the government website to run a check to see if my computer was infected. According to the site, I was in the green, meaning most likely not infected, but not 100% positive.

But I wanted to double check so I followed the step-by-step instructions to check in my command window. Clean there too.

My suggestion to anyone reading this is to do a manual check and not run the government check. The latter took less than two seconds but in that short time, how do I know they didn't stealthily add something to my computer to spy on me. I know, I know. They already to spy on me.

You might ask: why would they go through the trouble of trying to trick people into clicking "Detect" to run a diagnostic test on their site?
Well, if we find out that they did put something fishy onto our computers we ca rise up and complain and their rebuttal would be: "Oh, but you came onto our site and clicked on our diagnostic test and the small print says...."

You see where I'm going with this? Just the fact that you used their website will be like giving them permission to do as they please with your hard drive.

I feel like a fool for running the test. My advice is so check manually.

I also remember watching Alex Jones' show many months ago and he said on July 12, 2012 the government is going to have a crack down on persons with illegal material* on their hard drive. I mean, look at that dates! The 9th and the 12th. I can't help but think, if this is true, it is somehow connected with this virus. Just think of the hundreds of thousands of people who probably have at least one file on their computer that they obtained illegally, some even unknowingly.  

*illegally downloaded music, movies, books, etc.

PS: I'm not going to post the link to the government site on here. I don't want anyone clicking on it from here and I don't want them connected to my blog. Please look at the links below or do a quick search on the net on how to manually check if you have the DNSchanger virus.

There's some good dialogue going on at the AboveTopSecret forum. Here are the one's I could find: