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Friday, June 28, 2013

Don't Fall for Alex Jones!

I believe I've made a couple of brief posts about this "alternative news" media figure named Alex Jones and how I am extremely suspicious of him. You've heard of him I'm sure. I'll admit that I used to be a fan (or a listener/follower) of his show years ago... but I've matured and have seen and heard too much to continue to believe he is who he says he is.
Warning: this will be one of my longer posts and it most likely will not be the last on this topic. And don't forget you can follow my blog using the "follow" button to the left.

For one thing, I really don't think it's a waste of time. People are being brainwashed! Secondly, he is dangerous in that thousands if not millions of people listen to and/or watch his show and believe everything he says as gospel. So I think it's important for each and every one of us who is on to his little charade to speak up! He has a CULT following and to these people, Jones is their guru and if you speak out against him, well, you're an enemy!
William (Bill) Cooper was right. He told us Alex Jones is not a true patriot. That he's not what he says he is. When you piss off the powers that be (TPTB) they kill you. Bill Cooper was murdered. Alex Jones has been on air so long and has yet to be killed. He addresses why with half-assed explanations, that oh his audience will have an uprising if he was murdered/martyred (which he won't be, not for truth-telling anyway!) This is not a good explanation at all! We all die and Jones could die of any natural cause or accident but because he is who he is, yes, people will be suspicious... how convenient for him! But Bill Cooper was clearly murdered!

Since Hastings died in that mysterious car "accident" Jones has been making it a point to drive into the mind of his audience that he will meet the same fate. Oh the drama! "If I die," "If my car mysteriously blows up," "If I have a heart attack," he keeps repeating in his recent shows (daily). He makes sure to tell his audience that he doesn't do drugs or cavort with prostitutes. This is brainwashing! He is preparing his followers to jump to the conclusion that he was assassinated for being a "truther"... and frankly, I'm not falling for it.

Hear Bill Cooper speaking on the topic:

Some even believe that he has in the works a fake assassination plan, where it'll be announced that he was killed or died in some way. Why? He will flee the country with his family and wealth (estimated in the millions through all the money coming in from subscriptions, infomercial products people are buying through him, AND his repeated "money bombs"). This would not surprise me. Especially considering we know practically nothing about his youth except the same few stories he tells on his show every once in a while. Alex Jones is Mr. Mystery Man!
Here's a run down (don't know if I agree with all of it, but just read it for yourself. The main point I think is glaringly clear):

Some even muse that he is actually Bill Hicks who purportedly died on February 26, 1994 of pancreatic cancer, right before Alex Jones appeared on the scenes out of nowhere. Hicks called his family and friends to say goodbye (tying up loose ends) before he "stopped speaking" as it is written on Wikipedia. He wanted it reported that his last words were: "I left in love, in laughter, and in truth and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit." But perhaps even this was a joke? Perhaps he is here more than just in spirit but in flesh and blood... as a new man.
There is a striking similarity. People ask why? Why would Bill Hicks want to fake his death to become this nut Alex Jones? The ultimate method performance perhaps? But if you watch old Youtube videos of Hicks, you can clearly see that he is an outspoken atheist. Alex Jones is not. Maybe to save face, after finding the Lord or what have you, he thought it would be easier and perhaps more amusing to become a new person. So he created this character: Alex Jones... the so-called true American patriot. What a joke, no pun intended! Good one.
Am I saying Alex Jones is really Bill Hicks? No. But I won't absolutely rule it out like most people do just because it sounds absolutely ludicrous at face value.
If we can get a birth certificate for Hicks and Jones, and also trace each lineage separately, I'll be happy. Also, Jones recently discussed on his show that yes the show makes millions of dollars but ALL of it goes into production and his 3 (or 4) studios... which I have a hard time believing. But let's say this is true. Fine. If he really is Hicks, he could still be getting money in from royalty checks from sales of Bill Hicks merchandise.
But I don't want to turn this post into an "Is Alex Jones really Bill Hicks" post so I'll leave that topic at that for now and if you're interested in learning more about that see the links below!

If you've ever invited onto the Alex Jones show, I would think twice before accepting! I have a sneaking suspicion that Alex Jones, working for the dark side (shadow government), is making it easier for them to find certain guests that might be in hiding, in fear for their lives. These guests call Alex, tell him their "safe" phone numbers and probably even telling him where they are! And in turn Jones tells whoever it is he's working for and these people end up dead. Like the DC Madam, who stated on his show that she will never kill herself. She ends up hanged. (This is not to say they need Jones to find these people for them, but it would be so much easier for the poor souls who unknowingly let their guard down when speaking to him so he can turn around and point out where the soon-to-be victim is hiding.)
Also, I fear for the people who call in to the show or subscribe to his show. What a great go-to list of "enemies of the NWO"... really! Think about it! The government can then in turn just get this list of Alex Jones fans and use this as their red flag list.

The name of the game in the twisted world of Alex Jones is mass confusion. He purposefully will put out some truths but dangerously (and knowingly) speak lies to throw people off. His fans are so grateful for the few truths, those measly little crumbs we all starve for, that they ignore or even forgive the flat out lies. This allows them to use false logic and argue, "Why would he tell us about X which happens to be true if he wasn't the real deal?" And you could in turn remind them that, "He also said Y which turned out to be false, or remember when he said Z would happen and it never did!?" But no, he is a true patriot (note the sarcasm.)
Yes, we all get things wrong sometimes but we can admit we were wrong. He states things as absolutes and that is not forgivable when you are a well-known media figure purporting to give facts. If he would say, "I think X Y and Z will happen" instead of "X Y and Z will happen on such and such a month, you mark my words!" I wouldn't see him as such a bad guy. But it's all carefully calculated.

He screams and shouts in that unbelievably annoying, gravely voice of his. It gives me a pounding headache without fail! It riles some unfortunate people up into a frenzy. The goal? I believe the actual goal of this schtick is to rile up the few lone wolves out there to act. We've seen in before! There's an assassination attempt on someone or a false flag terrorist event and it's reported that he was a fan of Alex Jones! This is to make all people who are interested in the truth (conspiracy theorists as we're called) look dangerous. A, B and C were all Alex Jones fans and they're all criminals... therefor all Alex Jones fans are criminals. They know this doesn't add up but it doesn't have to! It's the government, the people in power, talking!
Alex Jones goes to rallies with his bullhorn to shout and just act a fool and steal the show. He made it pretty obvious that he's an agent provocateur taking part in COINTELPRO tactics when he went to a rally he earlier declined to speak at. He marched up to the rally with his bullhorn and just stole the show away. He was inexcusably rude. He started shouting while the speaker was up on the steps making a speech. Why would you go to a rally you said you weren't interested in going to and then insult the people there? See how divisive he is? You can see the video here:

I think the number one dead giveaway that Alex Jones is not really a truth seeker or patriot as he promotes himself to be is his complete and utter refusal to touch certain topics, or only in a dismissive "it's-not-important/true... nothing-to-see-here" way. Zionism (not racism but Ashkanazi Zionism), the Knights of Malta, or the Jesuits just to name a few. This would leave me to believe (using simple logic) that he must be afraid of these people for some reason. Why? Well, maybe... just maybe... he works for them! Ding ding ding! I believe we have a winner here. I believe these groups have a strong control over him and he is actually serving a purpose for them. He makes conspiracy theorists look like absolute nutters, which is a stereotype. We are not nuts but you wouldn't know it if Alex Jones is supposed to be the model conspiracy theorist. I even wrote a post (which now I can't find!) about how Psychology Today stupidly concluded that conspiracy theorists are schizophrenics because, well, look at Alex Jones! Yes, they actually used Alex Jones as the ultimate example of a conspiracy theorists to prove that we're all like Alex Jones, ie. mentally unstable. I think the only thing Psychology Today proved with that article is that they don't go deep into researching anything and are simply a pop psychology entertainment magazine not worth picking up unless it's for laughs.
Another thing is the whole Bohemian Grove incident, where Alex allegedly "snuck in" to the grove during one of the elitist meetings. For one thing, you don't just sneak in! Is it impossible? Maybe not 100% impossible, but it is heavily guarded and Alex manages to slip in unnoticed? Also, there's undercover video that he put in the documentary where you can clearly hear a guy walk past him and says his name, recognizing him, and makes a joke. Jones claimed he was unknown and he just blended in. Oh really? Seems someone there didn't get the memo about what Alex Jones was doing there that day. And Alex stupidly didn't edit that bit out... I'm guessing because if you really look at the documentary there was so little actual footage of inside the grove! It's easy to miss and he counts on you all missing it. I'll admit I missed it until someone pointed it out on Youtube. (**I will post that clip when I find it!**) In summary: It was all planned. They knew he was going to be there! He didn't really sneak in. He's one of them and his job is to pretend to hate these guys and make the world think so.
There are a number a videos and I'm sure websites and forum posts you can read discussing just this topic but I'd like to share one that lays out some very interesting points, the main point being is that Jones didn't really get footage of any well known people (that you can point out on film) and that all his so-called confrontations with authorities weren't caught on tape... how convenient!:

LINKS (note: all links will open in a new window)
(video) The Alex Jones/Bill Hicks Equation - a very well put together run down, very convincing!
(blog post) 10 Reasons Why Radio host Alex Jones Is the Most Dangerous Man in America
Bill Hick's Wikipedia entry
So funny you'll cry...

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