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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jasmin Ayuso-Habsburg: Real Wife of Alex Jones (or Alex Christian Lafayette)

Her name is Jasmin Ayuso or Jasmin Ayuso-Habsburg. She is a Youtuber who claims to be Alex Jones' real wife. She says Alex's real name is Alex Christian Lafayette and that he is a number of things: Jesuit, Mossad, CIA, a royalty, etc.

I agree with her that Jones is not who he says he is. I'm sure he is a well-paid shill. There's a lot of truth in her videos but most people can't get past the unsettling presentation. The whole situation reeks of someone suffering as a Targeted Individual. Reading different posts made about her online, it's sad but not unexpected to see people are so quick to diagnose her as schizophrenic, as crazy. (See below for some threads.) I need to make a SUPERPOST on the topic of Targeted Individuals (TI). It's a very real phenomena. Like Aaron Alexis the Naval Yard shooter. He was a TI.

She's hard to keep track of. According to her it's because they keep missing with her Youtube account. That's believable if what she says is true. Her old user names were MegaBlackCat777 and Jasmin Ayuso-Hasburg. Now she is Cinnamon Sisi. As of this writing, there are only 3 videos. If I recall correctly, her old channel had more than that. I wish there was more. And I should probably download her videos before she disappears again, before popping up on a new channel.

Her videos are interesting. The only suggestion I have for her is to speak up or if she has an external mic, to hold it closer to her face. She can be hard to hear. But I wonder if she does that on purpose to avoid detection from bugs that are listening to her. Maybe she is speaking in code? I'll have to re-watch her videos and take note.

There was an interesting "episode" in Project Camelot history; Jake Simpson, a man with deep connections, a man in the Super Soldier program was being interviewed and every time he answered he appeared to be speaking in riddles and every 10 minutes he would say something lucid, something that made sense. And the host, Bill Ryan, caught on that he was trying to tell him something. That something was that he was trying to avoid the audio scanning by an artificial intelligence in space that could go back and pull sound from essentially any time in history. He was just making it harder for them. I believe these technologies exist. Here's Bill talking about it to an audience (please watch it).

(I've yet to be able to find the actual interview. I wonder if it's been taken down because the way they talked about it, they did post it.)

The following images are from a thread on the Phil Hendrie Show Fans Forum (never heard of this show; did a Google image search):

An oddity that I've noticed while following Jasmin's video logs is that she wanes back and forth between hating Alex and seeming to want to be with him. I think this is part of the manipulation of her mind. This is a cointelpro technique. They tug you around like a rag doll. Like she mentions in one of her videos they call her Negra Bruta (ugly Black) and then tell her she's beautiful. Do you know what that does to a person? I do.

Note: some are wondering her ethnicity on these forums, asking if this is Alex's Asian girlfriend from the 90s mentioned in a book. Maybe she was mistaken as Asian (Filipino possibly) but she mentions in one of her current videos that she is African and Latina or Hispanic. She speaks in Spanish occasionally in her videos (she rattles off a phrase here and there... but I can hear that it's fluent Spanish).

Conclusion: So, is she the real deal? I don't know. But I am not outright discounting it like so many others have because they feel she's mentally ill.  (This reminds me of the Tila Teequila saga.) How convenient, right? To harass someone who knows something 24/7 and turn them into a wreck of a person so no one believes them. The stereotypical over-emotional, histrionic female. That's why when I see someone acting like this, I make sure to take a closer look. Things are never as they seem on the surface. TPTB know that most of the sheeple will not look beyond the surface of things. Plus, what do we have to lose by investigating? Just time. So what if it does turn out that she has never had any actual association with Alex Jones? Then we can move on. It's the WHAT IF! The possibility is there. And that's enough to warrant further investigation. I would love to interview this woman.

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Full Documentary: The Death Ray Scandal Exposed by Dr. Len Horowitz (MUST WATCH & SHARE)

This is definitely a must watch documentary about the big names we all know (Ventura, Jones, Icke, Noory, etc.)... can we really trust them?
Who to trust???

Please watch this and share with family and friends. Especially those who follow well-known conspiracy theorists like sheep without questioning.

Don't believe these evil-doers use the media? The PERFECT example is seen in The Outer Limits clip @
timestamp 21:19 - 22:02 ...Wow! They are bold little cretins, aren't they? Very in-your-face.

I've written a number of times about how I don't trust Jones... and even Jesse Ventura. If it seems to good to be true. One tip off with Ventura was the mere fact that he had a show on cable television. If you're really on your own with no government support/backing, there's no way you could have your own show on mainstream media (MSM) exposing the crooks to the fullest. No way in hell. But unfortunately, the home viewers do not realize this because they are just too entertained to even care. They are being hypnotized by the television!  Hypnotized into a stupor. The ads. The jingles. The unnoticeable flickering.

Please snap your family and friends out of their stupor!

Also, don't think that because I post a video that I agree with everything said in the video or everything the people in the video states or stated in their whole entire lives. I am telling you to think for yourselves. Watch all of these people. The hoaxers and shills included. Read what they write. See what they're up to. You need to, to stay safe. You have to investigate all sides. It's dangerous to say, "I trust so-and-so therefor I will listen to him and him alone." How are you keeping yourself safe by doing that? You're not.

Note also that: there is a flip side, a good that can come from shows like this though... and that is for people who don't think conspiracies exist or simply don't think about it. Just stumbling onto, say, Conspiracy Theory might get the ball rolling for them to investigate. That's the key! Investigate for yourself. Don't watch these shows and think you're suddenly an expert on any given topic and assume everything the show stated is a fact.