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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Stan Romanek Busted or Set Up in Child Porn Case?

Anyone who follows the topic of UFO/Alien Abduction undoubtedly knows or at least heard of Stan Romanek. He's the guy with the peeping Tom alien video. And the book:

I think most people have dismissed him as a hoax, but he and his wife (and witnesses*) have claimed numbers of home break-ins and tampering of his computer. His wife Lisa stated, "Our computers have been hacked into since 2004. [...] It's unfortunate that these people can destroy people's lives simply to make a statement."

Romanek was arrested (and released) on February 13, 2014 on child pornography charges. He is due in court Wednesday.

Assault Incident

There was also another incident where Romanek claimed to have been attacked. He did suffer a concussion but the other evidence at the "crime scene" (broken beer bottle shards in a small area, piece of shirt ripped from an assailant appears to have been cut, etc.) would point to it all being staged. Can't say this would be out of character for him, considering that one video of him doing a horrible hoax job on webcam, trying to make us believe he has poltergeist-type activity in his house. (see video embedded at the bottom of post)

Disposing of a Shill?

Perhaps Romanek started out as a paid shill to make the alien/ufo community look like a joke (more than it already does to the outsider). I mean, he is, unfortunately, one of the most well known contactees of our modern time. And the people who paid him no longer need him and decide that instead of letting him go, they will blackmail him to ensure silence, so he doesn't reveal that he was in fact a paid shill from the very beginning.
But then again, this is just a theory. There are countless possibilities. The most popular is probably the idea that he came up with the idea to do this on his own and is hoaxing everyone for (1) attention and (2) money from books , movies and whatever else.
I doubt there are many people who believe in his stories.


My question is this: Regardless of Romanek being the real deal of not, is he being used as an example to alien/UFO researchers? (ie. Stop what you're doing or face what is perhaps the ultimate humiliation and taboo!)

Scary stuff. Just something to think about.


Visitors from Lanulos: My Contact with Indrid Cold by Woody Derenberger

I have great news! The rare, hard-to-find classic UFO book Visitors From Lanulos by Woody Derenberger has been reprinted!
Strange story:  I logged onto Amazon yesterday and something told me, completely out of the blue, to look up Visitors From Lanulos. I haven't even thought about this book for so long because I concluded that I would never be able to get my hands on a copy and knew pulling up a search for it would probably just bring up a listing with an old copy or two selling for outrageous prices. But I was in for a pleasant surprise. They have FINALLY reprinted the book... and for a reasonable price! It's a short book but I'm willing to pay under $20 for it.

New Saucerian Press proudly presents the "lost" ufological classic, "Visitors From Lanulos!" Initially published in 1971, this book became perhaps the rarest "contactee" book ever. Prior to its 2014 reissue, there were only a half-dozen copies remaining in the world's library system, with the rest trading for thousands of dollars each.

Woodrow Derenberger, the author of the book, claimed to have had a series of strange adventures beginning on November 2nd, 1966. While driving home from Parkersburg, West Virginia to his suburban home in Mineral Wells, he suddenly found the highway blocked by a large gray object. Someone emerged from the object and walked to the passenger side window of his car. The man introduced himself as "a searcher," and offered words of comfort to Derenberger.

After noting that he would come again, the "spaceman," who called himself "Indrid Cold," stepped back into the object and it rose out of sight. Derenberger went home and told his story to his wife. He then called the police and the press. Soon after, other witnesses came forward to say that they, too, had seen Cold talking to Derenberger by the side of the road. (In time, several locals would have their own encounters with Cold.)

Two days later while driving in his car, Derenberger began to receive telepathic communications from Cold, who described himself as from the "galaxy of Ganymede." Cold also supplied some information about his life, including the observation that people on his planet (Lanulos) lived to be 125 to 175 of our Earth years.

Over the next weeks, other stories would accumulate that substantiated other parts of Derenberger's story, including independent UFO sightings on November 4th. An initial investigation concluded that Derenberger was not a fraud or hoaxer, and was mentally and psychologically sound.

Throughout this period, Derenberger's direct contacts with Indrid Cold continued. He learned much about Cold's people and their desire for friendly contact. In 1967, Cold took Derenberger for a ride in his spaceship. Strangely, they visited the oilfields of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Cold's lush, jungle planet, which was populated by beautiful humanoids wearing no clothes.

Derenberger told his story frequently over the next few years, and his story was given extended treatment by Fortean researcher John A. Keel.

Through the 1980s, Derenberger assumed a low profile, though he continued to correspond with a small group of people who believed his accounts. In fact, he forwarded many letters from Cold to these fans. (Cold actually lived in a house in Midway, West Virginia before moving to Cleveland in the 1980s.)

In the years since, other evidence has been discovered pointing to Cold's possible intelligence connections, and the fact that he may have actually piloted an early aerial drone designed by the U.S. military.

Was there an underground flying saucer manufacturing plant near Woody's home, perhaps in Point Pleasant, home of the "Mothman?" Were Cold and his associates trying to bamboozle locals into thinking the military drones were from outer space? Or were they really interdimensional "Men in Black" or "spacemen?" Check out this fascinating read for clues both astounding and confounding.

This indispensable special edition of "Visitors From Lanulos" features introductions by John A. Keel and Taunia Derenberger-Bowman (Woody's daughter), an epilogue by the publisher, Andy Colvin, and a special addendum from Gray Barker. It also sports a beautiful and playful cover by British artist David Sankey.
Taunia Bowman holding a picture of her father, Woody Derenberger
Check out this amazing interview of Woody Derenberger (the sound is very clear!):