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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

End Times? Part 1 - Jade Helm 15, Yellowstone, San Andreas, New Madrid, Pope Francis Assasination, Asteroid, September 23 & 24, 2015

Let's talk about Jade Helm 15. It seems most people that are into conspiracies believe, a la Alex Jones, that Jade Helm will be to confiscate guns. I'm sorry, but I'm not buying that. Do you know how many guns there are in the US? How many guns are in the states involved with Jade Helm? And how many there are out there that aren't even registered? Do you really think that even the military believes they'll be able to confiscate all guns? I don't think so. The point of gun confiscation if so the people don't/can't fight back, right? Well, they could go door to door and attempt to confiscate guns but there is just no way they'll be able to. So there will be people out there post-gun confiscation that are still armed and able to fight back. Another thing: why just those states? They sure did leave out a lot of other gun-happy states! And if it's a "test run" as some claim, why so many states? Don't you think they'd want to just try it in one or two states first before trying to coordinated it across so many states?

Yellowstone Supervolcano + Chain Reaction to San Andreas & New Madrid

I was looking at the Jade Helm map and noticed something. When comparing that map to the Yellowstone Supervolcano affected zones map, these southwestern states are essentially untouched! So, here's what I'm thinking: Jade Helm is put into place to recieve anyone that is able to flee from the ash fallout from Yellowstone. These people may be placed in the closed-down Walmarts. And when space runs out there, the residents of these states will be forced to house evacuees in their own homes. Maybe? I'm just trying to work out why the military need to train in urban and suburban American cities. 
I believed if Yellowstone blows it will set off a chain reaction, causing the San Andreas fault to go. This can also go in reverse. Perhaps the San Andreas is expected to shake (there is a movie coming out) and then Yellowstone blows it's top. I also want to include the New Madrid. I live right on the New Madrid and am always expecting it to happen. Can you imagine the horror of Yellowstone ash covering the skies above and accumulating on the ground AND a massive earthquake happening, regardless of which comes first!?
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Asteroid Wreaking Havok - Natural Disaster Chain Reaction

Another idea that's been floating around on the web (especially on Youtube) is the idea that an asteroid will hit the earth. Some say the Atlantic ocean while others say the Pacific. (How could we really even know?) Even more specifically, many point to the exact date of Septermber 23 or 24, 2015 (just a few short months away!). People point to Sir Isaac Newton's study of Daniels 70 weeks prophecy. They also point to the repetative statements of the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, that we have only "500 days to avoid climate chaos." He said this multiple times within the same talk. Add 500 days on to the date on which he made this statement and you will land on September 23, 2015.
TPTB/(K)illuminati/NW0 know what is going on ... because they are the ones planning it all! They think they are gentlemen, thus the reasoning of telling us beforehand what they are planning to do in esoteric and occultic codes found in movies, music, music videos and public statements. But these fiends are not gentlemen!
I've been wondering where this idea of an asteroid came from? I mean the idea that an asteroid really is headed towards the earth and as far as I can tell, it has to do with a report RT did. They did not say that is was absolutely certain but many took it to mean that. Would they really tell us if they knew an asteroid was coming? I mean once as large as 2.5 miles wide at its largest point? I don't know. What would that do except cause mass panic? Maybe they want mass panic? Or would TPTB simply quietly slip away into their underground bases that they paid with tax payer money?

Impending Assassination of Pope Francis

Pope Francis (Bergoglio) sounds very fatalistic, with his recent comments about how he feels his reign will be short, even making comments that if it is God's will for him to be assassinated, he asks God one favor: Please, let it not hurt! Jeez. Right in our faces, wouldn't you say? So it seems Pope Francis believes in St. Malachy's prophecy of the popes, that he is the final pope or "Petrus Romanus." I am still slightly confused on this. Would this make him the false prophet? Revelation 17, if you take "kings" to mean the popes since Vatican II was put into place, he is to be followed by one that came before. (Was, is not, and yet is.) I believe this either points to Pope John Paul II or the still very much alive Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.
There are a number of prophecies from Nostradamus to Saint Hildegard predicting a pope that is killed before or, I guess you could say, in the end times (ie. shortly before the end). He will be assassinated along with his clergy and followers in a city between two rivers. Is this Philidelphia? He is visiting the United States in September to give a talk to the UN (a first in history)... at the very time all this doomsday theorizing is supposed to happen!
ISIS/IS/ISIL has made threats against him. They are probably already in the US (in cells) and if they mean what they say, don't you think they would look at the Pope's visit as a perfect opportunity to attack? All eyes will be on the pope. Can you imagine this? Think of it: CNN, Fox News, etc. with their reporters and cameras following the Pope up and down the East coast, reporting on his every move. Such a historic event! And on the side of the terrorists, they see it not only as an opportunity to follow through on their threats but to do it with all the world watching... LIVE! This isn't far fetched, is it? I don't think it is.
And when that happens, it will no doubt set something off. But what?
The last of the blood moons is on September 28, 2015. It's supposed to be significant. So we need to look to September for the big event(s) whatever they are. That or Mark Biltz and Johnathan Cahn were wrong with their theories... but sold millions of books, at least. We shall see...

There's so much more to talk about in relation to all this. So let's just call this PART 1.

Art Bell to return to radio in July '15 with Midnight in the Desert

Great news! I've been following Art Bell's updates on FB and it sounds official: He will be launching his new radio show called Midnight in the Desert on July 20th this year! That's less than two months away!
You can listen using the TuneIn radio app on your tablets or smartphones. You can also listen online through a desktop or laptop computer. Look for the Dark Matters station. His show will run Mondays through Fridays (9PM to Midnight Pacific; 11PM to 2 AM Central; or Midnight to 3AM Eastern.)

Can't wait. This should be good!

More info on his official page:

My 9/2014 Dream or Vision of a Dark, Cold, Ash covered Future?

I just wanted to share a dream that I had in September of last year (2014). I shared it on ATS forum but I will copy and paste my post here and link to the actual thread as well so you can read through the comments. More and more I feel this is about to happen. Please prepare! If you are reading this: tell your family and friends. It's better to have and not need than to not have and to need!

Hi everyone. About 2 or 3 nights ago I had this dream. It was extremely vivid and I was actually surprised when I woke up. I thought the dream was real. (And no that's not what lucid dreaming is, before someone says that.) Anyhow, I am posting this dream here instead of the dreams forum because I'd like to use it as a prediction.

This is what I wrote on my fb page:

Had a strange/creepy dream 2 nights ago. One day the sun didn't seem to come up. It stayed dark all "day"... but we couldn't even tell how long it lasted. Nothing electrical was working. I remember eating cup noodles and being really cold. And then my mom had to go feed our two big dogs we have outside. And I really didn't want her to go outside. I was like, "Mommy, noooo! You can't go out there!" But she did anyway. My dad followed her out with his head light on (LED light that you strap to your head).

Looking outside it was very... dusty/foggy looking. There seemed to be something floating in the air (everywhere). It was like snow but gray and flaky. It was SO dark outside... I can't even describe to you the darkness. Except there was a strange light in the sky. It was like the moon... but it didn't even illuminate anything. It was just a light up there that you could kind of see through all the gray snow/dust.

The feeling in the dream was, this lasted for quite a while. It wasn't one of those winter/storm power outages. It seemed we were really hunkering down (ie. don't expect any electricity or natural light for a while).

I think I was able to gauge as much because at home, we have a LOT of food. It should last for quite a while. But in the dream, we were really desperate. We have very little left.
*** ***
Anyone else feel like something catastrophic is about to happen? It would be awful for this to happen.

My thinking is perhaps a caldera blows? What do you guys think? (What else could this be??)

Also, the part that I found interesting was this light up in the sky. It looked like the sun WAS out but because of the thickness of stuff in the air, it looks muted and so far away. The light wasn't able to light up the earth. It was like being out at night with the moon... but even the moon illuminates the night. This light did not.

And it was very cold. So either it was winter... or it was cold because the sun could not reach us.

In the dream I was shivering so bad. Snot was running out my nose and I was hunched up on the floor in the kitchen in a ball. I remember feeling helpless. And even my no-nonsense dad, who is a plane mechanic and knows how to fix things and survive (military trained) was looking very apprehensive and peeved.

(And of course it could have JUST been a dream)

PS: I'm in TN and looking at the Yellowstone ash-zone map, it appears my area will be covered in 2ft+ of ash... and that is exactly what it looked like in my dream! It will truly be a nightmare if that happened.

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